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Lincoln 100 Museum Paper

Museum Object Paper

LNCN 100 Writing Assignment

Exploring the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum

The   objective is for you to focus on a particular aspect of Abraham Lincoln’s life and/or legacy as illustrated by one of the objects or artifacts in the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum.  


To accomplish this, you should examine the list of selected objects and artifacts in the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum and select one that interests you. Once you have made your selection, go to the front desk at the museum and ask for a print-out of the available information for that particular object or artifact. 

Your final paper should include a thoughtful discussion of the following two questions:


1. First, describe your selected object or artifact completely. Among the questions you may want to ask are:  Where did it come from? Who made it and why? How old is it? Why did you find this particular object or artifact to be interesting?  


2. Second, show how that object or artifact is related to the life or legacy of Abraham Lincoln. Among the questions you should consider: what is the connection between this object and Abraham Lincoln? Does it relate directly to his life? Was it something that Lincoln would have used or recognized? Or is it something that was created later and relates to Lincoln’s legacy? Basically, this section of your paper should explain why the museum staff decided to include this object or artifact in the collection. They must have believed that the object or artifact helps us understand Lincoln; your task is to show how it does that.

Remember that this is a research paper. This means you will need to include outside sources to support your ideas. The library has hundreds of books relating directly to Lincoln or to someone who was a part of his life or legacy. Beyond that, the database collection available in the library has hundreds of additional resources. Find at least a couple of sources that can be used to support the ideas in your paper. You may include your textbooks as sources, but be advised that if your citations consist of nothing more than your texts and the printout from the museum, I will consider that a poor research effort and grade your paper accordingly. If you use internet sources you must be certain that you have used creditable and academically responsible sources. DO NOT use Wikipedia under any circumstances. Wikipedia is not a creditable or academically responsible source. 

Book list

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but it is an excellent place to start. 

Books will be in 2 different locations: 

Main: these are books in the library and available to check out 

Museum: these books are in the museum. They are NOT available to be checked out 

There are also a selection of eBooks on the list. These books are available from any computer (on or off campus). You will need your LMU login and password to access these items. 

To find the book list click on the link below or go into the library catalog, select "search lists" from the pull-down menu at the top of the page. Search for Dr. Toomey and the list should be the first result. 

Search the Catalog


Book Delivery

Librarians Who Can Help


Travis Souther

University Archivist & Special Collections Librarian



Katie Rickhuss

Access Services Librarian & History Liaison




When you pick up the object sheet from the museum make sure you are pulling from the correct section

When you pick up the object sheet from the museum make sure to fill out the sign up sheet for your section 

If you want to use museum books make sure to email Michelle ( to set up an appointment 

If you want to use museum books remember that you cannot check them out, so leave enough time to review the books in the building