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Social Work Subject Guide: An Introduction

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Helpful Links for the Helping Profession

Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Website for the organization responsible for social work accreditation in the United States. 

National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Official website for NASW, which is also responsible for the ethics for social workers in the United States, as well as advocacy initiatives. Highly recommended for aspiring social workers.

Getting Started

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Welcome to the Social Work subject guide!  This guide was created to help you research, write, and cite your assignments successfully.  It is divided into several sections, which you can navigate to using the tabs above or the links below:

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Links to library databases and websites where you will find high-quality, peer-reviewed and professional articles to use as sources for your  assignments.  Search recommended databases directly from this guide!

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Search the library catalog, discover featured books and new arrivals, and explore booklists curated by your subject librarian.

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Electronic r
eference books and research tools for finding background information and exploring ideas.  Start your research or narrow down a topic.  

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APA Style
:  Help, tips, tutorials, and examples to help you format your papers and your references per one of the most commonly used format/style in the field and at LMU.


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