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ADA Accessibility

ADA Compliance Statement

Some people with disabilities use adaptive technology to access computers.   Web accessibility standards provide guidance to allow adaptive technology to function with websites and to allow people with disabilities to have more equal access to information.

The Carnegie Vincent Library and Reed Health Sciences Library create guides with accessibility in mind. Our guides include simplified content and we work hard to make sure our guides are compliant with W3C accessibility guides with frequent testing utilizing web accessibility checking tools. If you are a person with a disability and you have trouble using our website or if you experience difficulty using any of our services, products, or facilities, please tell us about the problem.


You may email us at or write to us at:


Carnegie Vincent Library

Lincoln Memorial University

6969 Cumberland Gap Pkwy.

Harrogate, TN 37752

ADA Tips

Learn ADA Compliant Solutions for Web Content and Improve Google Search Engine Rankings

Table of Content

  1. Page Title
  2. First sentence
  3. First paragraph
  4. Headings

Web users will navigate a web page by skimming over the headings looking for points of interest, therefore use meaningful structured headings. Less is more be concise with your web content.


  1. Establishes the structure of the page
  2. Gives an effective overview of content
  3. Identifies the Important sections of web page
  4. Allows user to locate content quickly

Proper Heading Structure – descending order

  • H1 reserved for page title- compare to book title
  • H2 major section headings- compare to chapter title
  • H3 sub section of H2- compare to subsection within a chapter

* Recommend using only 2 to 3 subordinate levels

Simplify Content: Chunks of information reduces information overload for cognitive user challenges. Clearly explain things so each page can stand on its own.

  1. Write for the average reader
  2. Avoid jargon
  3. Use an active voice
  4. Eliminate unnecessary content
  5. Use shorter paragraphs and sections
  6. Use bulleted lists
  7. If necessary hyperlink to other information

Don’t Use:

Headings for formatting or highlighting text


  1. Takes longer for screen readers to read the content.
  2. Screen readers may spell out words set as all caps
  3. Message conveys shouting


  1. Underlining is a hyperlink indicator
  2. Avoid using the following words for hyperlinks:
  • Click Here
  • Here
  • More
  • Read More
  • Link to (some link destination)
  • Info