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Athletic Training Subject Guide: Articles & Journals

Finding Journals

Finding Articles & Journals

Rotini: Yellow, Red, Green. By: Stilfehler. Creative Commons license. Cropped from original.

You need to find several articles for a class assignment. Where do you look? There are two ways to find good literature.

First, you can search in a variety of library provided databases. This is helpful if you know the exact topic you want to check. To search, go to the Athletic Training databases page

However, you may not know your exact topic; in fact, you may want to browse. Searching our library catalog and limiting to journals and/or articles (see the checkboxes on the left after you search) will provide a wide variety of results.



Journal Bookshelf

Hovering over an image will display the journal title; clicking on the image will link to the journal's full text online holdings.










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"Keeping fit by jogging" Credit: Chris Reynolds. Creative Commons license.


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