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LMU Institutional Repository: Policy

Institutional Repository: Policy

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Institutional Repository


I.          Purpose

The Institutional Repository (IR) is a digital library hosted by the Carnegie Vincent Library containing contributions from the Duncan School of Law Library; Lon and Elizabeth Parr Reed Medical and Allied Health Library; and Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum. The IR maintains works relevant to Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) and its community and presents LMU and its scholarly activities to the world. This policy provides a guideline for submission of documents to the repository, review of documents contained in the repository, and maintenance of the repository.


II.        Policy Statement


Institutional Repository content is primarily research-centered, scholarly, and related to instruction, such as creative works which may be course related art works or writings. It also includes publications or works tied to LMU history, events, and organizations. All content is assumed to be “complete” and must be submitted in digital format. Only LMU associated contributors may have works published in the IR. Associated contributors are students, staff, faculty, or adjunct faculty who possess current LMU credentials or possessed these credentials at the time they submitted materials. Anyone wishing to contribute who has a former affiliation or connection to LMU but without current credentials is required to contact All contributors must have the ability and willingness to grant the University non-exclusive rights to make their work accessible and to preserve it. Please see section VIII of this policy for more information.


III.       Definitions

Associated Contributor: A person or entity who assisted the Contributor with the content put into the Institutional Repository (such as an editor, co-author, or illustrator), but is not the main Contributor who is depositing the work.

Contributor: A person or entity with content maintained in the Institutional Repository.


Digital Library: Information in the form of documents and other electronic resources specifically organized and held by a person, department, or organization in a manner where someone can access the materials on the internet or a storage device.


Grievant: User or other individual who brings a grievance or complaint about matters pertaining to the IR. 

Institutional Repository (IR): A digital library specifically designed for depositing materials for a university.


IR Administrator: An individual given limited maintenance privileges by the IR Team for the purpose of adding, modifying, or removing materials determined suitable for collections of which they are responsible.


IR Team: Supervisor/Advisor to the Team Leader (Carnegie-Vincent Director of the Library or Director’s designee), Team Leader (assigned Carnegie-Vincent librarian), and assigned library staff who are responsible for the IR’s creation and maintenance.  The IR Team has the authority to assign IR Administrators for individual collections, departments, and organizations in the IR.


Scope: The extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is contained; in this case, what the IR includes and does not include.  


User: An individual who utilizes the resources represented and accessible through LMU’s IR. Users have the ability to access content publicly distributed in the IR, may contribute to the works contained in the IR, and download anything within the IR. Users may be LMU employees, students, alumni, or a visitor from the United States or outside of it. Anyone wishing to publicly distribute content found in the IR must respect the rights of the IR’s Contributors.


IV.       Audience

  • University Employees
  • Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • LMU IR Users

V.         Compliance

Failure to comply with this policy and related Federal or State laws, regulations, or University policies as per Section VII of this document may result in consequences, including but not limited to, content being removed or restriction of access to content of the IR.

VI.       Roles and Responsibilities


  • Contributors:
    • Comply with IR policies and relevant statutes, regulations, and related policies.
    • Submit their works to the appropriate department or university organization based on the requirements set by the given department or university organization. Prospective Contributors may find this information on the Institutional Repository website.
    • Have full copyright of their work or nonexclusive distribution rights over their work.
    • Maintain professional decorum with Institutional Repository Staff, Administrators, IR Team, and Users.
  • Supervisor (Carnegie-Vincent Director of the Library or Director’s designee)
    • Assign and advise Team Leader(s).
    • Work with the Team Leader on deciding plans of action for the IR.
    • Handle any grievances with the IR that the Team Leader cannot.
    • Correspond with university administration as necessary to ensure the IR is successful.
    • Provide suggestions and ideas on the IR activities for the Team Leader to facilitate.


  • Team Leader (assigned Carnegie-Vincent Librarian):
    • Oversee the IR Team’s work in ensuring the IR is functional, accessible, up to date, and utilized for its purpose.
    • Work with Supervisor on deciding plans of action for the IR.
    • Regularly report ongoing activities, progress of projects, and correspondence with other university departments, to the Supervisor.
    • With Supervisor oversight, collaborate with university administration on the IR’s success.
    • Organize meetings and collaborate with other departments on projects for the IR.
    • Designate cataloging and metadata schemes for the IR, based on determined, credible practices that ensure optimal ease-of-access to IR materials.
    • Handle any error reports, issues, and grievances. Refers to Supervisor as needed.
    • As necessary, assists in the digitization projects and cataloging of materials to deposit in the IR.
  • Institutional Repository Team (IR Team):
    • Ensure the IR is functional, accessible, up to date, and being utilized for its purpose.
    • Evaluate submissions of materials to LMU Libraries and determine whether such materials are suitable for the IR.
    • Assign qualified IR Administrators to each department and organization represented in the IR.
    • Determine whether the submission requisites set by represented departments and organizations are fair and adhere to IR standards for compliance set forth in Part VII and VIII of this policy.
  • IR Administrators must:
    • Be approved by their departmental supervisor to evaluate suitability of submissions to their respective department or organization.
    • Receive approval from the IR Team for their determined submission requisites.
    • Evaluate submissions of materials related to the scope of their assigned department, research unit, center, or other LMU recognized group to determine whether such materials are suitable for the IR.
    • As necessary, assign appropriate individuals of their department or organization who assist in the evaluation of submissions, such as editors and/or a peer-review committee.
    • Provide an estimated deadline to a contributor on whether a work has been accepted, rejected, or in need of revision.
    • Approve submissions that are true to their department or organizations’ scope and reflective of LMU and its scholarly works and/or activities.
    • Reject submissions that do not fit the department or organizations’ vision of reflecting LMU and its scholarly works and/or activities.
    • Provide a prospective contributor notice that their submission has been rejected and a brief explanation of why. This will be completed via standardized template provided by IR Team.


  • Users
    • When facing issues with using the IR, Users must contact the IR Team Leader to report the issue. The contact information is:

Carnegie-Vincent Library (423) 869-7079

  • When sharing works found in the IR on other platforms (e.g., personal website), directly link back the shared works to the Institutional Repository.
  • Comply with all applicable Federal and State Laws and Regulations with regards to copyright and fair use as well as any applicable University policies.

VII.     Applicable Statutes, Regulations, and Related Policies (If any)


  • Copyright Act of 1976 (Title 17 U.S. Code)
  • Fair Use (As an extension of Copyright Laws)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 1974 (FERPA)
  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Title IX
  • LMU: Computer & Software Use Policy
  • LMU: Academic Freedom Policy
  • LMU: Intellectual Property Policy
  • LMU: Library Policies

VIII.    Standards

LMU Institutional Repository is comprised solely of content contributed by LMU community members and LMU affiliates. When contributors deposit their content, they agree to give the University non-exclusive right to preserve and post their work. This includes the right to reproduce works in various formats in compliance with Federal law.

All original authors and/or creator of the content inside LMU’s IR retain full copyright of their materials, or the relevant distribution rights that apply. This is generally true for all open access sources. Contributors to the LMU IR must meet either of the following conditions:

            (1) The contributor possesses full copyright of their work; or,

(2) The contributor must have both the right and ability to distribute the content in the LMU IR.

The library strongly encourages contributors and associated contributors to negotiate with publishers to retain their rights and to review agreements with publishers to ensure depositing works of interest are allowed. Sherpa/Romeo and Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine are helpful tools for verifying rights as well as negotiating for rights to one’s own research. For more information, please refer to the library’s guide to copyright and fair use and our libguide to the IR. Any questions or need for support can be directed to the IR Team.

Barring cases where contracts or embargoes prohibit it, content deposited in the IR will be made accessible to the public. Open access submissions are available to access and download online. Restricted access submissions are available to access and download online for LMU personnel and onsite only for other patrons. Content that is represented but not accessible will have a link directing individuals to the entity responsible for distributing the content. Content found in the LMU IR may be copyrighted.

Should content not be accessible for any reason, please contact the IR Team.

IX.       Procedures 


  1. Content Submission:
  • Contributors to the LMU IR agree to the existing conditions of submission (submission forms, department requisites, etc). Each LMU department represented in the LMU IR has individual requirements for submissions that are acceptable. These requirements are available on the LMU IR website. For questions or clarification, please contact the administrator for the specific LMU department.  Contact information is located on the IR website. Works may be submitted either directly through the LMU IR website to the respective LMU department or organization or by e-mailing the submission to If provided via email:
    • E-mail submissions must include the relevant department or LMU affiliated organization in the LMU IR within the subject and body to ensure the IR Team provides the work to the correct department for review.
    • Submissions that are not correctly identified or not delivered to the correct department or organization risk rejection of the submission.
    • Once reviewed, the contributor will be notified by the IR Team if the work has been added to the repository or rejected.
  • A submission form will be available electronically on the IR website. Prospective contributors who submit their work through e-mail will be sent the submission form and must return it with appropriate electronic signature to the IR Team.


  1. Upon Receipt of Submitted Works or Content:
  • The IR Team will ensure submissions are delivered to the indicated department or organization represented in the IR.
  • IR Administrators will ensure the submission is relevant to and within the scope of their department or organization. IR Administrators may recruit an editorial board or peer-review committee in order to evaluate the submissions.
  • Upon determination by the IR Administrator to accept, reject, or request revisions of a submission, the Contributor is notified, and the IR Team Leader is forwarded a copy of the determination. These determinations are stored on a library computer and a storage device for back-up purposes.


  1. Grievance Process

For resolution of any issues or conflicts with the IR, the party raising the issue or conflict must contact the IR Team Leader with all relevant details regarding the issue or conflict.


Issues or conflicts with the IR, IR Administrators, IR Team, or any individual IR Users should first be addressed with the IR Team Leader. If the IR Team Leader does not resolve the issue or conflict satisfactorily, the grievant should take steps to address the grievance as follows:


  1. Provide an e-mail to the Director of the Library, indicating “IR Grievance” as the subject line.
  2. Make clear the following information in the body of the email:
    1. The grievance;
    2. All details surrounding the grievance; and,
    3. Supporting documentation, if any (i.e., screenshots, emails, etc.)

The more specifics and evidence provided, the quicker a resolution may be implemented.


The Director of the Library will investigate the issue or conflict and make a determination. The grievant will be notified of the determination via e-mail.


X.         Contact Information
For more information regarding this policy, please contact the Carnegie-Vincent Library at 423.869.7079, or e-mail the IR Team Leader at

XI.       Document History

Effective: 09/03/2019; rev. 04/20/2020