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Physician Assistant Guide: Free iOS (Apple) Apps

Free iOS Apps

The following apps are provided as information resources. While people review medical apps, there is no formal vetting process. I have sought to select some of the best apps, but even these could contain inaccurate information. Therefore, always use caution when utilizing apps in the clinical setting.  

Have an app you like that isn't listed or have questions? Feel free to contact me anytime! 

App App Name Description
3D Brain A 3D visualization of the brain. Shows names and sections of the brain.
ABG Acid-Base Eval Multistep analysis for ABGs and electrolytes to improve patient care. Targeted towards clinicians, NPs, PAs and other medical professionals.
Access Medicine Not an app, but a mobile version of Access Medicine. Now features full content including: Harrisons, Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas & Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology, Clinician's Pocket Reference, Current Practice Guidelines, Current Diagnosis and Treatment series and more. To access, open Access Medicine on a desktop computer here. Click "My Access Medicine" and register for a free personal account. Go to the mobile Access Medicine link here and login with the username and password you created.
AHRQ ePSS Browse recommendations to identify preventive services appropriate for patients.
American College of Cardiology Pocket Guidelines Reference guidelines from ACC provided through Skyscape; a free personal account is required
Atlas of Pancreas Pathology Features an interactive teaching algorithim, an image atlas, and an image quiz. Produced by Johns Hopkins University.
Brain MRI Atlas Has brain images with color structural identifiers
Calculate (QxMD) Features over 150 calculators in a variety of specialties; one of the most comprehensive medical calculator apps available.
CDC App Center for Disease Control and Prevention's App--features MMWR report, image library, and podcasts
CT Contrast Protocols Examines the role and use of IV contrast material
CTisus iQuiz Features quizzes (updated monthly) on CT education including organ systems. Each quiz question comes with "pearls" and discussion featuring youtube videos that clarify the topic
DynaMed An excellent point-of-care reference tool. Requires a serial number to activate. Please contact me for the number. Since the app runs as part of the Skyscape system, downloading DynaMed will also necessitate installing the Skyscape app.
Ebscohost To install this app, you must open an Ebscohost database on a university computer or via secure login. Databases include: PsycINFO, CINAHL, Science Full Text and others. Go to the search page. At the bottom of the page, you will see a link for "EBSCOhost iPhone and Android Applications." You will be prompted to enter your email so that a key and download link can be sent for installation of the app. Note that this app includes all EBSCO databases that the library purchases. Under the "settings" tab of the app, be sure that the appropriate database is checked; you can also search multiple EBSCO databases by clicking the database names you wish to search.
EFM Guide Recommendations and guidelines from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) on electronic fetal monitoring
EM Procedure Log Features an emergency medicine procedure log. Ideal for ED medical residents to log their cases. Files can be exported to Dropbox and are secured via password and encryption.
Emergency Medicine News A free newsletter discussing the latest trends in emergency medicine
ENT Handbook An basic ENT Handbook for the Ipad--developed in Australia
Epocrates Mobile drug reference, interaction check, and calculators; requires creating a free account
Eponyms for Students Contains over 1,700 medical eponyms with short descriptions--a highly rated reference tool
Healthcare Informatics Interactive magazine discussing the latest trends in health informatics
Heart Decide Features visual graphics of the heart and cardiac diseases. Includes four sections: anatomy, conditions, solutions, and find a specialist.
Heart Murmur Lite The free lite version contains 10 heart beats/sounds; the paid version contains an additional 13 sounds. Each sound is accompanied by the respective graph.
Human Anatomy Color human anatomy charts with additional text information about each point
iHealthBeat Latest health IT news
iRadiology Features over 500 images with radiological findings
LactMed Developed by the National Library of Medicine, this app features a list of drugs and supplements that may interact with breastfeeding infants. One can search by drug name or drug class.
Mango Features over sixty foreign languages. One must register and create a username and password within our subscription to Mango here to be able to download and use the mobile app. Mango is the only library subscription that is available for all LMU alumni to use; alumni may access the resource within the LMU alumni portal.
MedPage Today Mobile Features latest health news, reports, and CME/CE credit
MediBabble Offers a variety of clinical inquiries that can be translated through audio in Creole, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German
Micromedex Drug Information Comprehensive drug information including dosing, administration, contraindications, and toxicology
NeuroMind Highly ranked app featuring clinical support and scores for neurosurgery
New England Journal of Medicine This Week A free app that gives full text of articles, editorials, opinions, and images from the current issue of NEJM.
Pap Guide Guidance on cervical cancer screenings, HPV testing, and addresses common questions
PE & DVT DX Offers one algorithm for DVT diagnosis and two algorithms for PE diagnosis; discusses diagnostic approach and workup for hypercoagulable state.
Pepid Pepid Elements is the free version--toxicology reference
PFT Eval Information for analyzing a Pulmonary Function Test; answers common questions and uses a stepwise approach for instruction
PLOS Medicine Public Library of Science (PLOS) app offers easy access to PLOS Medicine articles, including a list of the most recent articles
Pneumonia Guide Features pneumonia guidelines from the American Thoracic Society along with answers to common questions
ProcedurePro ProcedurePro features a wide variety of videos showing various medical procedures
Prognosis: Your Diagnosis Sample clinical case studies-- a new case is added every week.
PsychTerms Has over 1,000 commonly used psychiatric and mental health terms and definitions for review
PubMed (Unbound MEDLINE) Requires the creation of a free personal account. This app has the best interface of any free PubMed apps. Note that you will be unable to see what resources the Reed Health Sciences Library owns and that complex searches are difficult to run on a mobile interface.
Radiology 2.0 Features modern radiology teaching. Users can view CT scans with explanations.
Read (QxMD) A highly useful app that allows one to read full text journals on their mobile device by going through the LMU proxy. You can follow certain journals, search and browse by topic, and browse by specialty. One of the best comprehensive apps to read medical literature on a mobile device. Requires the creation of a free account. Click on "My Proxy" and search for LMU. Enter your LMU username and password. You will then be permanently logged in through LMU.
Skyscape Medical Resources Offers drug information, outlines in clinical medicine, medical calculators, and the latest medical news. Requires the creation of a free personal account
Speed Anatomy Lite An interactive way to learn and review human anatomy
Speed Bones Lite An interactive way to learn and review the human bones
Stat!Ref Only LMU faculty, staff, and students may download the Stat!Ref app. Offers mobile access to e-books through Stat!Ref. You must create an account through Stat!Ref initially before downloading the mobile app.
Touch Surgery Features interactive 3D surgical procedures that allow one to interactively move through common surgeries. Excellent resource for learning the basics of common surgeries.
UpToDate Popular point-of-care reference tool. To install, access UpToDate from a browser here and enter your LMU username and password. Once on the home page, click the red "login/register" button in the top-right corner. Enter your information and a username/password to create an account. Go to the UpToDate App link and download. When you first open the app, you will be prompted to login with the username/password that you created. You can install/access the UpToDate App on up to two mobile devices plus a laptop/desktop. Please note that unlike DynaMed, you need a Wifi or cellular data connection to access this app.
Visual Anatomy Lite Interactive human anatomy charts with definitions and quiz; features images from Gray's Anatomy
VisualDX One must be a LMU faculty member, student, or staff member to install this resource for free. To install, open the VisualDX link hereon a desktop computer. Log into the proxy; your username is firstname.lastname, and your password is your email address password. Then click on the link for “Get VisualDx Mobile Free.” Fill out the form and click submit. You will receive a password via email. Open the App Link above and install. Click on the icon for VisualDx on your mobile device. Confirm you are of age to use the program. Then log in using the email address you used for registration and the password provided to you from VisualDx. This resource includes an interactive tool for finding differential diagnoses based on visual findings.
WarfarinGuide Offers resources for anticoagulation with Warfarin: reviews latest recommendations, offers a protocol for Warfarin dosing based upon INR results, and a discussion of protocols for using Warfarin.