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Master of Science: E-Books


                   Image credit: Robert Scoble.

The LMU Library holds a large number of ebooks that can be checked out or viewed. Many people have questions about how to access ebooks, checkout policies, and how to view them on their tablets. This guide will attempt to give an introduction to ebooks in a concise way. 

First, you can access any library e-book in your browser unless it is checked out. This is the simplest method of accessing an ebook, but reading an entire book on your desktop or laptop doesn't appeal to many people.

Second, accessing ebooks from the library is not like purchasing ebooks for your Kindle, iPad, or Nook device. You are borrowing a book, meaning that additional rights restrictions are put on the book so that it will automatically delete from your device once the checkout period is over. 

Third, when you have downloaded a book, you have "possession" of it, just like checking out a physical book from the library. The library only has one license for some ebooks, meaning that you will be unable to view the ebook if someone else has checked it out.

The library purchases ebooks from several different vendors. The two primary vendors, Ebsco and Ebrary, have different ways to download a book on a tablet. See below for instructions on accessing e-books from your device. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.