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Education: Ed Books


Education Books

Ed Texts eBooks

A teacher's guide to classroom assessment : understanding and using assessment to improve student learning

EDUC 340

The Strategic Teacher

EDUC 360

Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind

EDUC 360

Text-Dependent Questions, Grades K-5

EDUC 376

Assignments Matter: making the connections that help students meet standards

EDUC 440

Building Academic Language

EDUC 509

This Is Disciplinary Literacy

EDUC 509

Visible Learning for Literacy, Grades K-12

EDUC 509

Transforming Professional Development into Student Results

EDUC 551

The Art of Coaching

EDUC 551

EDUC 570

Quality questioning : research-based practice to engage every learner

EDUC 571

Art and Science of Teaching

EDUC 580

Understanding by Design

EDCI 869 and EDIL 869

EDCI 874

Other People's Children

EDCI 875

EDCI 875

EDEC 752

The Dissertation Journey

EDEC 755

The American Community College

EDHE 851

EDHE 852

EDHE 852

Governance of Higher Education

EDHE 854

Higher Education Finance Research

EDHE 856

Stretching the Higher Education Dollar

EDHE 856

Real-Time Student Assessment

EDHE 861

Assessment essentials : planning, implementing, and improving assessment in higher education

EDHE 861

Learning assessment techniques : a handbook for college faculty

EDHE 861

School Leadership That Works

IL 501

Qualities of Effective Principals

IL 501

School Leader Internship: developing, monitoring, and evaluating your leadership experience

IL 502

The Art of School Leadership

IL 652

Learning from Lincoln: leadership practices for school success

IL 652 and IL 653

Insights into Action: successful school leaders share what works

IL 652

Ed Texts Print

Bold School

CB LB1028.5 .K48 2017

EDUC 210

A Teacher's Guide to Classroom Assessment

Main LB3051 .B86 2006

EDUC 340

Methods for Effective Teaching

Main LB1025.3 .B87 2019
EDUC 340

The Reading Strategies Book

Main LB1050 .S45 2015

EDUC 376

Literacy for the 21st Century

CB and Main LB1576 .T657 2017

EDUC 376

This Is Disciplinary Literacy

CB & Main LB1050.455 .L47 2016
EDUC 380 & EDUC 509

The Writing Strategies Book

Main and CB LB1576 .S343426 2017
EDUC 420

Rigorous Reading

CB LB1050.45 .F74 2013

EDUC 440

Notice and Note

CB LB1576 .B423 2013

EDUC 440 & 571

These Kids Are Out of Control

Main LB3013 .M557 2019

EDUC 480

Thread That Runs So True

Main & CB PS3537.T92516 Z5 1998

EDUC 501

THE First Days of School

CB LB1775.2 .W64 2018

EDUC 570

Instruction: a model's approach

Cedar Bluff 2 week reserves
LB1025.2 .E88
EDUC 571 recommended

Child and Adolescent Development

CB & Main HQ767.9 .H69 2015

EDUC 572

Science Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

Health Sci QP360.5 .T37 2011
EDUC 576

Teaching Reading Sourcebook

CB Reserves LB1573 .H4624 2018

EDUC 579

The New Art and Science of Teaching

CB & Main LB1025.3 .M3387 2017

EDUC 580

Law and Ethics in Educational Leadership

CB and Main KF4175 .S673 2013
EDUC 651

How to Do Your Research Project

CB & Main LB1028 .T46 2017

EDUC 670

Research Design

CB & Main H62 .C6963 2018

EDIL 862 & EDEC 751

Reframing Organizations

CB HD31 .B6135 

EDIL 867

A World-Class Education

CB LB2822.82 .S8418 2012

CI 641

World Class Learners

CB & Main LB41 .Z47 2012

CI 641

Rigorous curriculum design : how to create curricular units of study that align standards, instruction, and assessment

CB LB2806.15 .A375 2010
EDCI 869


CB and Main YA PZ7.A54395 Fe 2002

EDCI 872

Between the World and Me

Main E185.615 .C6335 2015

EDCI 875

Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics

CB, Main, Tampa HA32 .F54 2018

EDEC 751

Theoretical Frameworks in Qualitative Research

CB H62 .T427 2015
EDEC 752

The Dissertation Journey

CB LB1742 .R63 2019
EDEC 755

Student Development in College

CB LB2343.4 .P38 2016

EDHE 852

Leaders of Learning

CB LB 2805 .D86 2011

IL 501

The Art of School Leadership

B LB2805 .H585 2005

IL 652

The World's Most Powerful Leadership Principle

CB HD57.7 .H878 2004

IL 652

Insights into Action

CB & Main LB2805 .S7457 2011

IL 652

Planning Effective Instruction : Diversity Responsive Methods and Management

CB LB1027.4 .P73 2018

SPED 320

Special Ed Books

Planning Effective Instruction : Diversity Responsive Methods and Management

CB LB1027.4 .P73 2018

SPED 320

Life Beyond the Classroom

SPED 565

Praxis II Special Education Preschool/Early Childhood (5691) Exam Secrets Study Guide

CB LB1766.P73 S64 2020

Executive Leadership Resources

HD57.7 .K68 2007; CB KIT HD57.7 .L4334 2007

Call# LB2369 .C52 2007

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