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Evaluating Medical Journals and Articles: Home


Evaluating Medical Journals and Articles

This guide discusses how students may decipher quality medical research by evaluating both the article and the journal in which it is published.

Journal Quality

There are three points to consider when evaluating the quality of a journal:

  1. Is it a predatory journal?
  1. Is it a hijacked journal?
  1. What is the impact factor (IF) of the journal?

Predatory Journals

How to Evaluate a Journal Article—Notes

Predatory Journals- Open Access

  1. One sure way to protect yourself from selecting predatory journals is to use PubMed and filter for articles in your search that are indexed in Medline.  Remeber: PubMed and Medline are not the same. 


Article Quality

 Critically Appraising a Research Article 



Links for Journal Quality

Predatory Publishing

Hijacked Journals

Impact Factor of Medical Journals: The higher the Impact Number of a Journal, the greater the scholarly significance.