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Library Website Compliance: Home


Library Website Compliance


Reusing Guides and Boxes

To keep the aesthetic the same throughout the website librarians are required to utilize the same catalog, hours, and contact buttons (CVL & RHSL).



HowTo@LMU: LibGuides


Don't Lose Your Privileges!

The library website, including both the Reed Health Sciences Library and the Carnegie Vincent Library guides must follow certain rules in order to be compliant with Lincoln Memorial University's goals and mission. This requires each librarian to create and maintain web pages that reflect the look and feel of the entire library website. 

Not following these rules could mean loss of LibGuides privileges. 


LibGuides Guides

If you have old links anywhere on your site, the site admin reserves the right to replace them. Check your links. :) If you are seeing the above message on your page, you have old/broken links on that page or in something on that page (i.e. .jpg, .png, .doc, .pdf). Updating the links helps us make sure our website is accessible and our patrons use materials and tools that are supported.


Hello Librarians!

If you are not following the guidelines listed below on your subject guides and web pages, our patrons will not realize they are on the same website.  Maintaining consistency helps foster trust in our users. PLEASE FOLLOW.  These standards are not a suggestion, they are required.

Standards for the website:

  • Pages must have a title box across the top.
  • The title box must have a blank space for its own title (do this by naming the box &nbsp
  • The font for this title must be 
    • font: default
    • size: Heading 3
    • color: black
  • Pages must have the format at the top: LMULibraries banner and "tabs" that are invisible and only show as words. No bylines (between the banner and "tabs" at the top)
  • Pages must have an LMU Banner box across the bottom.
  • Reuse, reuse, reuse
    • Reuse the Contact and Catalog boxes throughout your site. Changes made to these will then be universal across the site.
    • Reuse the databases dropdown when adding databases. Changes made to these will then be uniform across the site.
    • DO NOT recreate guides that already exist just so you can have your name on them. This creates chaos within the website. If you need access to a guide, please contact me.
    • DO NOT use Comic Sans font. This font is reserved for K-12 only.

Don't hesitate to call me at extension 4633 or chat me on Slack.


System's Librarian

HowTo@LMU: Create a LibGuide

Library Webmaster

ADA Compliance Statement

Some people with disabilities use adaptive technology to access computers.   Web accessibility standards provide guidance to allow adaptive technology to function with websites and to allow people with disabilities to have more equal access to information.

The Carnegie Vincent Library and Reed Health Sciences Library create guides with accessibility in mind. Our guides include simplified content and we work hard to make sure our guides are compliant with W3C accessibility guides with frequent testing utilizing web accessibility checking tools. If you are a person with a disability and you have trouble using our website or if you experience difficulty using any of our services, products, or facilities, please tell us about the problem.


You may email us at or write to us at:


Carnegie Vincent Library

Lincoln Memorial University

6969 Cumberland Gap Pkwy.

Harrogate, TN 37752