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Reserving a study room

The Carnegie Vincent Library has 5 study rooms available for students that need some quiet space for studying. If a room is available, students can simply check out a key from the circulation desk. If there is no room available, students can be added to a wait list by filling out a form (link below). Once a room becomes available, students will be notified by email and the key will be held at the circulation desk for the student for 15 minutes.


Study Room Guidelines:

  • Study room keys must be returned to the circulation desk in 4 hours.
  • Do not give your key to another student as you will be responsible for any

fines accrued for a late return. There is a $0.02 per minute or $1.20 per hour

late fee. Keys may be renewed once if no one is waiting to check one out.

  • Keys are not to leave the library. There is a fine of $25 for a lost key.
  • If you get locked out of the room, please go to the circulation desk to be let

back in.

  • Headphones, markers and erasers may be checked out in a bag from the

circulation desk for a period of four hours. They may be renewed once. Please

ask library staff for a replacement for any dried-up markers.


Please Remember:

  • The rooms are designed for quiet group study. Maintain a low noise level that

is not disruptive to other library users.

  • Use courteous and polite behavior at all times in all circumstances. Shouting

across the room, horseplay, or engaging other users in unwanted interactions

are example of disruptive behaviors that will not be tolerate in the library.

  • All users of a study group will be given one warning for breaking any of these

rules. The second instance that a rule is broken will result in the loss of the

privilege of using a group study room for the remainder of the semester for all

users of the group study room.

  • Please take care when leaving your items unattended. The Library is not

responsible for the safety of your personal belongings.

  • Take care of library materials, equipment, and furnishings. If there is any

damage, report it immediately to a library staff member at the front desk.

  • Do not sleep in the study rooms.