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Doctor of Medical Science Guide: Resource Links


Resource Links


Auscultation Training and Reference Guides Features auscultation courses and covers over 65 abnormalities with over 160 real and simulated auscultations. Also has quick quizzes for each course, lung sounds, and a blood pressure measurement module.
Biodigital Human Our interactive 3D map of the human body makes it easy to visualize data, anatomy, disease and treatments in any web or mobile application.

Pediatric Dentistry


Blaufuss Heart Sounds and Cardiac Arrhythmias 

Features Common Oral Conditions & Treatment options


Features several free tutorials, illustrations, and a heart sounds quiz.

Chest x-Ray Atlas A useful source for identification of common diseases in x-ray images of the chest.
A comprehensive guide to human and animal skeletons with detailed images--from the University of Texas.
ECG Wave-Maven Offers hundreds of ECG cases that can be browsed by case or diagnosis---from Harvard University.
Get Body Smart Features interactive tutorials and quizzes for various human body systems.
Gross Anatomy Dissections A selection of videos describing gross anatomy procedures from the University of Wisconsin.
Human Embryology Animations Animations regarding facets of human embryology--from the University of Indiana.
Interactive Neuroanatomy Atlas Contains brain images, photographs, and animations.
Introduction to Radiology: An Online Interactive Tutorial Includes modules covering a wide scope of the radiology field.
LearnDerm Offers five interactive lessons with self-tests to learn basics in dermatology.
Learners TV--Physical Examination A series of 34 videos on various categories of physical examination created by Loyola University.
From Loyola University Medical School. A good review of gross anatomy--ideal of memorizing names.
Lung Sounds Features various lung sounds in a .wav format. Old but useful site.
Medical Animation Library A comprehensive series of medical animations from the the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine on a wide variety of topics.
Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases Walks through a neurologic exam with step-by-step instructions. Offers many videos of different exam techniques.
NeuroLogic Exam Features over 250 videos on the anatomical foundations of the neurologic exam. Also, see the link at the top for "NeuroLogic Cases"--has several practice cases.
Online Physical Exam Teaching Assistant Developed by the University of Florida. Features eight videos of various physical exams including: vital signs, musculoskeletal, chest, cardiovascular, HEENT, abdomen, neurologic, and eye exams.
Pediatric Neurologic Exam Like the primary NeuroLogic website, but focuses exclusively on pediatric issues.
Physicians Desk Reference---free registration for medical students and MDs, DOs, PAs, and NPs in full-time patient practice.
Practical Clinical Skills A wonderful site that offers EKG practice strips and tutorials as well as heart/lung sound lessons and guides. A mobile site is available here.
Practice of Medicine: Physical Exam Modules Sponsored by the University of Virginia's School of Medicine. Features eight physical exam modules with videos.
Radiology Masterclass Tutorials Features tutorials on general radiology, musculoskeletal/trauma x-ray, chest x-ray, and abdominal x-ray. No videos, but impressive images and solid information.
Features thousands of user submitted cases and articles.
Six Second ECG Simulator Simulator helps one correctly identify arrythmias. The tutorial automatically tracks your score--an innovative way to study ECGs.
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Resource Library A collection of teaching resources including Powerpoints, handouts, and lectures about all facets of family medicine.
Stanford Medicine 25 Focuses on 25 important points of bedside medicine. Each point contains additional information, charts, and a video to reinforce the concepts.
The Student Physical Therapist A valuable website focusing on physical therapy. Click "special tests" in the menu to see the many categories of tests; each test has information and an associated video demonstrating the techniques.
Surgical Exam Created by two surgeons for medical students preparing for surgical exams. Contains 195 cases, has 135 multiple choice questions, and features additional surgical information.
Toronto Video Atlas of Liver, Pancreas, and Transplant Surgery Videos of procedures and techniques; also contains several case studies.
University of Michigan Heart Sound and Murmur Library Features various heart sounds along with additional information. Sponsored by the University of Michigan Medical School.
Whole Brain Atlas From Harvard--images of the complete brain.