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How do I print

Go to and follow the instructions.

Cedar Bluff Printers

MFP006CB: Room 187

MFP008CB: Computer Lab


Duncan School of Law
MFP016DSOL: 1st Floor Library
P027: 2nd Floor Outside the Study Rooms
MFP015DSOL: 3rd Floor Student Work Area


Main Harrogate Campus Printers:

DCOM Building
MFP204: 2nd floor student lounge color printer/copier/fax
P065: 2nd floor student lounge printer
P139: 4th floor student workroom

Math and Science Building
MFP189: MANS 425

Business Education Building
MFP054: BE 209

MFP074: 1st Floor Hallway
P012: 1st Floor Computer Lab
MFP044: 2nd Floor Medical Library


Alcoa Campus: 
MFP004: Alcoa Computer Lab

MFP005CBN: Corbin Computer Lab

MFP221: DVTC-SA Student Lounge


DCOM Knox:

Room 115: MFP003PS

Upstairs hall near student lounge: MFP004PS