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How to create a gallery box for books in LibGuides: Create a Gallery Box for Books

How to create a gallery box for books in LibGuides

1. Open 2 tabs and log in to LibGuides on each tab.

2. On one tab Click on Contents and from the drop box, choose Assets.

3. On the second tab (you will need to be in a LibGuide that you want to add a book gallery box to), Click on add a box. Click on Type bar and choose Gallery from the drop down menu. Give the box a title and hit save.

4. On your newly created box, click on the add/edit cog.

5. Open a third tab, find the ISBN of a book you want to put on your list from the description in the library catalog and highlight and copy it.

6. Go back to the Assets tab and click on add content item. Then choose Book from the Catalog on the drop down menu.

7. Paste the ISBN into the ISBN box and click on the Get Book Info box. The image and info should appear automatically. Click Save.

**Troubleshooting: If info and image do not appear, try clicking on the Syndedics box and choose Amazon. If that doesn't work, go to Amazon and use their 10 digit ISBN instead. If none of this works to get info, you will have to input info yourself and choose a white or blue default image.

8. Go back to the tab with the new gallery box. Click on Add New Slide and then choose Book from the dropdown menu.

9. Click on the title box and then type in the title or part of the title of the book you are adding. Select the correct book from the list and then click on add at the bottom of the box.

10. To add a link and edit appearance, click on the edit button.

11. In the edit slide box, you will have to enter a URL. Get the URL for the book from the search tab. Move the title from Slide Title to Image Alt Text. Under slide details, you can put the book call number for print books or the copyright year for ebooks (optional). If you add summaries, make them brief. Click Save when you finish. 

12. Use the Gallery Settings Box on the right to determine how many rows of books you will have and how many books will be showing and scrolling at once. Here is an example of gallery settings that you would use if you have a lot of books on the page.

13. You can change the order of the books by clicking on the little arrows to the left of the list of books and drag it up or down.

14. Click the Save and Return button and you can see what your gallery box looks like. You may need to change the number of rows or slides to show or scroll to make it look good.