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LibGuides Toolkit: Learn More

Search Box

The Search Box widget allows people to search either your guides or your database list.

  1. Head to Tools > Widgets > Search Box.
  2. In the Type Selection section:
    • For Search Type, decide whether the box should search guides or databases.
    • For Embed Type, choose JavaScript or URL. If you're not sure which open to use, we recommend JavaScript.
  3. In the Look & Feel section:
    • Choose the placeholder text. This is pale text that appears in the search box, which disappears once the user starts typing. It's a good place to provide brief instructions, like "Enter a database name."
    • Decide what the search button should say. Ex. search, submit, go
    • Decide how wide your search box should be. You can either enter a number or a percentage (ex. 100%). The advantage to using a percentage is that it will resize according to its "container."

Preview Your Widget

For every widget, you'll see a live preview in the right-hand column. This preview helps you make sure your widget looks just right!

Embed Your Widget

The embed code is at the top of the screen, on the right. Just copy & paste!

The widget builder screen, highlighting the embed code and preview areas