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LibGuides Toolkit: Maintain My Guides


Keep your content fresh

Like other living creatures, your guide requires care & feeding...

  • Review your guide on a regular basis - every month, every semester, etc.
  • Ask yourself if the guide is still relevant:

    • Was it created for a course that isn't being offered this semester?
    • Is it focused on an event that has long since past?

    If so, unpublish or delete the guide. If your guide is still relevant:

    • Hide or delete outdated content
    • Update broken links
    • Add fresh content - give users a reason to come back to your guide!

Home Page

Best Bets - Not all users have time to read the entire LibGuide (though they should!). Create a 'Best Bets' box on your guide homepage to outline the best bet resources on that topic. This way, the most important information is front-loaded on the first page of your LibGuide. 

Front and center - Keep your 'Best Bets' box at the top/center of your guide homepage.

Keep the list limited - we recommend 3-5 resources, tops.

Use a variety of content types - highlight databases, ebooks, and web links inside the same box. 

LibGuides Best Bets

Images Speak Volumes

While your guide content might not change much over time, a great way to invigorate your guides is to constantly add new images. 

‚ÄčRotating Image Gallery Box - Nothing draws eyes to your guide's homepage than visually stimulating images in a rotating slideshow.

Use an Image Editor - Make sure all your images are the same size so that the box doesn't change height.

Annotate Images - If pictures speak a thousand words, than annotated pictures must speak 10,000. Add helpful callouts, arrows, and text to your images. 

Limit the Number - 3-6 rotating images is right in the sweet-spot. Users might not have time to cycle through 10+ images. 

Places To Get
Free Images

Disclaimer: Please read the licenses and TOS of each of the sites suggested below before downloading images.

  • Free high-resolution images published under the Creative Commons Zero license.
  • Searchable high-res images, vector, and art illustrations published under CC0 license.
  • Free high-res stock images.


Search & Replace Tool

Using the Search & Replace Tool To Update Part of a URL


Four Hands are Better Than Two

Like opening a window on a spaceship, building a LibGuide shouldn't be done in a vacuum. Collaborate with teachers, volunteers, involved parents, colleagues, and even fellow librarians around the world on building a guide together. This way, the very nature of your LibGuide is rooted in interactivity - guide creation founded on valued partnership and open communication.

Adding Guide Editors

Polls: Promoting Interactivity Since 2010

An oldie, but goodie - the polls asset type! Are you using it enough? Polls are a great way to gather informal feedback on-the-fly. 

  • Add polls to your homepage - Makes it easier for patrons to find and answer. 
  • Integrate it with an instruction session - We've covered how teaching from a LibGuide is a great way to connect f2f learners with your digital content. Even better, create an interactive poll that they answer during the instruction session!
  • Point-of-Polling Education - Add URLs to Poll Choices so users can learn and vote at the same time. 

Discussion Boards (LibGuides CMS Only)

A great way to prompt users to interact with you is to pose a question via a guide-level discussion board (navigate to a guide > add page > discussion page type).

A study by Hubspot found that Facebook posts that are 'questions' get significantly more comments than non-question posts. Bottom-line, creating a question-style post can increase user engagement. 

  • Language suggestions - Try using "should", "would", and "who" language in your post. 
  • Get trendy - The times, they are a changin'. And there's always something to pull from politics (2016 election), modern day artists (Beyonce's Superbowl performance), or current events (Flint Water Crisis). 
  • Get the ball rolling - You have a list of top library users. Get the discussion ball rolling by inviting them to the discussion. 
create a question-style discussion board


The instructions, images, and video on this page all come from Springshare.  Please visit their website for more information.