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LibGuides Toolkit: Set Up My Account

Getting There / Editing Info

From the LibApps Dashboard, click the My Account link in the orange command bar.

Not on the LibApps Dashboard? Either:

  • Click the blue menu and choose LibApps Dashboard, or
  • Click the person icon or your email address in the top right corner of the orange command bar of any product!

Click the blue underlined words to edit your information: blue text to edit

Email Signature is a free text box that accepts HTML, so feel free to be creative! :)

What's in the Profile Box

Your LibApps Profile offers lots of options to customize your content and display a variety of Social Media tools. You also have 2 areas to display information: your Profile Box and your Profile Page.

  • Profile Box: displays on the homepage of every guide created in LibGuides and any other page where you want it to display.
  • Profile Page: expanded information page where you can send folks to learn more about you. (Includes Profile Box and list of published guides in LibGuides in addition to other, customizable fields.)

As you update the content on the left you will see your Profile Box update in real time on the right! :)

Click on any blue underlined words to change the text that appears in your Profile Box: blue word 

The Basic Information section is open by default, and allows you to change some basics, like your profile picture.

Simply click on the light gray bars in any of the other sections to expand that section and edit that content.

Along the way, you'll see Display Options:

  • Page & Box: Displays the information both on your profile page and in your profile box.
  • Page Only: Displays the information only on your profile page, not in the profile box.

Why have the choice? Some folks want their profile boxes to be short & sweet in their guides, but are all about having expanded information available on their Profile Page. This gives you the option of where you want to display various pieces of information!

Contacts & Social


Add information about yourself / your library, including address and/or phone number, email address, Skype username, and website or blog URL. You can fill out as many or as few of these fields as you'd like!

  1. Click the light gray bar that saysGeneral.
  2. Click the red "Empty" text (orblue underlined text, if you're editing information you previously added) to make the content editable, and add the appropriate information.
  3. Click the blue checkmark to save.

Once you add the information, you'll see the associated text / icons appear in your Profile Box.

Social Media & Social Cataloging

Add links to your personal or your library's social media and/or social cataloging sites. You can fill out as many or as few of these as you'd like!

  1. Click the light gray bar for either Social Media orSocial Cataloging.
  2. Click the red "Empty" text (or blue underlined text, if you're editing content you previously added) to make it editable.
  3. Add the appropriate URL and click the blue checkmark.

Once you add the link you'll see the associated icon appear under Social in your profile box.

VIDEO: LibApps Overview

Changing Your Password

  1. Go to LibApps > My Account.

  2. Click the blue, underlined text marked [hidden] to the right of the Password label.
  3. Type in your new password and click the blue checkmark.
  4. You'll be asked to retype your password. Type it in again and click the blue checkmark.
    • If they match, you'll see the [hidden] text appear again.
    • If they do not match, you'll get a message stating they did not match and will be able to type in your password again to confirm.

Password Rules

There are a couple of rules for LibApps passwords that you need to keep in mind:

  • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Passwords must contain at least one number or special character.


Profile Overview

Your Profile Image

Say cheese!

  1. Select Upload a new profile image from the options.
  2. Click Select New Image to upload your image from your computer.

Caution: Uploading a new photo will delete any previous photos.

You can only have 1 image for your profile box. You can change it anytime, but you cannot have different images in different places. Sorry!

Please make sure your profile image is properly resized before uploading it to your profile.

Uploading very large image files can cause very slow load times of your image every time someone loads a page displaying that image. When it comes to images, size matters! ;)

Max width: 140px
Max height:  200px

LibGuides Profile Page

Your Profile Page displays your Profile Box, a list of your published guides, and any subjects your account is associated with by default.

All guide / subject associations are set in your LibGuides system, which is also where your profile page appears.

You can also add:

  • Personal Statement: Any info you'd like to share about yourself, what you might be working on, your experience...really, anything you can think of! It'll appear at the top of the center column, above the list of your published guides.
  • Redirect URL: If you'd rather redirect your profile to a different webpage, you can set that here. You can create a guide to use as your profile page, or reuse an existing page on another website. It's up to you!

To create a friendly url for your Profile Page, you just need to complete a few simple steps.

  • Go to LibGuides > Admin > Subjects, Tags & URLs > Friendly URLs > Add a Redirect
  • Choose the term you would like for the url to end in,  then add the Profile Page URL.
  • If you'd rather not display your profile page, simply select Disabled from the Profile Page option at the top of the Page Settings section.

Add/Edit Friendly URL


The instructions, images, and video on this page all come from Springshare.  Please visit their website for more information.