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Inside Story: Library Tools, Rules, and Information

LibApps Admin Access

Bethany Coke: libStaffer

Kathy Brunsma: libStaffer

Cierra Davis: libStaffer


Tessa Gibson: libStaffer, libGuides

Tammy Joyner: libCal, libGuides, libStaffer, libWizard

Michael McMurray: libStaffer. libGuides

Kyle McRary: libStaffer. libGuides

Rachel Motes: libStaffer

Jennifer Newcome: libWizard

Amanda Sanders: libGuides


Sarah Senter: libCal, libGuides, libStaffer

Ashley Smith: libStaffer, 


***Rhonda has admin privileges for all apps


Statistics Forms- Starting Jul 2021

Reference Transactions




Instructional Sessions


Librarian Availability

Important Dates

  • Aug 16 Classes begin
  • Sept 6 Labor Day, no classes
  • Oct 11-15 midterms
  • Nov 24-26 Thanksgiving holiday
  • Dec 3 classes end
  • Dec 6-10 Final exams
  • Dec 11 commencement

Open Access Resources