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Information Literacy for History Courses: Ukraine Information


Russian Invasion of Ukraine        

Ukraine News

Books on Ukraine

Politics of Energy Dependency
Ukraine's Revolt, Russia's Revenge
Mondegreen Songs about Death and Love
Unlikely Allies
The Frontline
The war in Ukraine's Donbas : origins, contexts, and the future
The burden of the past : history, memory, and identity in contemporary Ukraine
Understanding Contemporary Ukrainian and Russian Nationalism
Ukraine's Maidan, Russia's War
Bloodlands : Europe Between Hitler and Stalin
Ukraine after Maidan
Russia Before and after Crimea
Ukraine and Europe : cultural encounters and negotiations
My Final Territory
The White Chalk of Days
What we live for, what we die for : selected poems
White Guard
Everything Is Illuminated
Odessa Recollected
Kiev, Jewish Metropolis
Kiev 1941
From Chernobyl with Love


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