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Mobile Applications for Law: Guide Overview


Mobile applications, or "mobile apps", are becoming increasing useful in conducting legal research and in the practice of law. This LibGuide introduces and explains a number of mobile apps that may be of use to both law students and practicing lawyers.

In the News: Mobile Apps

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App Stores

Amazon App Store for Android

Opened in 2011, the Amazon App Store allows Android users to browse, search, and download developer-created applications for their Android phones.  Some of the apps are free while some must be purchased, but Amazon does offer a "Free App a Day" where a user may download a featured app for free.

Google Play

Formerly called the Android Market, Google Play allows you to both browse and search for applications for an Android-powered device.  Like the Amazon App Store, there are both free and paid apps available for download from your computer or Android device.

Apple App Store

The web-based store for Apple applications, easier in many ways to navigate than the iTunes Store.  You can browse, search, and download iPhone, iPod, and iPad web apps from this site.

Blackberry App World

Browse and download apps for a Blackberry device from this official site.  Users may download from the site or from a Blackberry smartphone.

facebook App Store

Offering search resources for iPhones, iPods, and iPads for the iTunes Store.  Additionally, you may share preferred apps with your connections on facebook.

Mobile Apps for Law

According to the website, "...whether you use an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Palm PC, or...this is the place to find out which law apps are available for your device."  This site offers access to a database of hundreds of legal apps, but is accessed by subscription.

Featured App


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The rulebook app is now available for your iPhone and iPad.  According to iTunes, The Bluebook®, A Uniform System of Citation®** chose rulebook to be the exclusive mobile publishing platform for the gold standard of legal citation. You can use this app to search citation rules using the table of contents or the search function, keep multiple rules open and easily switch back and forth, and highlight, annotate, and bookmark the text.  The app is available for FREE to download tomorrow, August 22, in the iTunes App Store.