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What is Zotero?

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use program to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It integrates with your web browser, where you do most of your research!


Installing Zotero

There are two steps to installing Zotero from

1. Download and install the Zotero application for your operating system. Close Word before you run the installer so it can install the Word toolbar.

2. Click the “Install Connector” link for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and follow the instructions.

Zotero does not work with Internet Explorer/Edge.


Saving Citations

Zotero “watches” the pages you view to see if any of them contain citations to books, articles or other sources.
If Zotero detects that you're looking at a book or article on a catalog, database, or a site like, Wikipedia or the New York Times, you'll see a book or page or folder icon appear in the address bar of your browser. Just click the icon and Zotero will automatically save the citation.


Saving Multiple Images at Once

If you're on a page of search results with many items, you'll see a folder icon instead. Click this to get a list of all the items on the page, and check off the ones you want to save.


Citing other web pages

Zotero can't automatically capture citation info from regular web pages, but you can still add them to your Zotero library.
To save a web page as a reference, right-click and choose “Save Zotero snapshot” in your browser (if using Zotero Standalone).
Zotero automatically saves a “snapshot” of the page: a copy of the page saved to your computer. It includes the page's text and images, so if the page is removed later, or if you're offline, you'll still be able to view your copy.

Writing with Zotero in Word

Click the Zotero tab in Word to see the Zotero menu.
Place your cursor in your document where you want the citation to appear.
To add a citation, click the Add/Edit Citation button on the toolbar. The first time you do this, Zotero will offer you a choice of bibliographic styles.
When the red search bar appears, type an author name or title word to search your library.
Select the reference you want to cite, then press Enter. Zotero will add the citation at the location of your cursor.
At the end of your paper, click the Insert Bibliography button.
Your bibliography will appear, and new citations will be added automatically. Change bibliographic styles with the Document Preferences button.