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Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) Research Guide: NURS124/125


Nursing 124/125--Locate a Scholarly Article


Try one of the three methods demonstrated below to locate your scholarly journal article.

Also, you may browse within a specific journal by entering the title of the journal in the search box found here.

Method 1: Search in several journals simultaneously via PubMed

You can search for your topic in several of your approved nursing journals simultaneously.


Click on the image of nursing journals above and then following these instructions:


  • Click on the word Advanced underneath the search bar
  • At the bottom of the screen under History choose Add under Add to builder to put the journals in a search box
  • Add your topic in the second search bar (example: heart failure; obesity; edema; etc.)
  • Hit Search
  • On the left side of the screen, click on 5 Years under Publications dates to limit articles no more than 5 years old
  • If you find an article you want, enter the title in the library catalog BELOW to find it at LMU


You can use the library catalog to search for Peer Reviewed Nursing Articles

  • Click on the Words Catalog Search above
  • In the keyword box, type in your subject/disease
  • In the title box, type in   nurs*
  • Click on the green Search box
  • Under format on the left, choose Articles
  • Also on the left side of the screen, click in the empty box next to peer reviewed
  • If you want to limit to articles from the last 5 years, scroll down and click empty circle next to last 5 years

Citing From Drug/Medication Databases

Citing from Drug Reference Databases and Websites

For Drug/Medication Databases

1) If no date is visible for the entry, use (n.d.) as the date information. Of course, it'd be better if you could find a date either on the page of the entry word itself or for the entire online drug reference resource. 

2) Instead of an author, the drug entry itself would be listed as the entry word for the reference.  So the basic format for the entry would be as shown below. 

Entry word. (date). Name of database. Retrieved from [paste URL from the database home page, not from the page showing the specific entry]. Place of publication: Publisher.

Method 2: Search In our WorldCat catalog

Step One:  Click the Catalog Search button;

you'll be directed to the Advanced Search screen.

Step Two:


Step Three:

Still need help?

Still Need Help?

If the steps above did not enable you to find a helpful article, try some of these suggestions:

  • Condense your nursing diagnosis to one word: "risk for injury"--> injury
  • Instead of a nursing diagnosis, enter an intervention"fall prevention"
  • Enter an intervention and nic: "dying care" nic
  • In an additional search box (use the +), enter nic OR noc OR nanda OR "nursing interventions"

Method 3: Search in the CINAHL database

Step 1:  Accessing CINAHL

Select CINAHL in our A-Z Databases list.  If off-campus, you may be prompted to log in with your LMU username (first.lastname; OMIT and password.

Step 2: Enter search terms.

      a) Begin by entering your medical or nursing diagnosis in one search box.

      b) In a second search box, enter nurs*. This will cause the system to search titles and summaries for the terms nurse, nurses, nursing--any term beginning with nurs.

      c) In a third search box, enter usa, and then set the dropdown option to SB (journal subset).  This will cause the system to search for your topic in journals from (mostly) the U.S. You do NOT want to search for the topic U.S.A.; you want to search in a set of journals published in the U. S. A., so be sure to set the dropdown option to SB.

     d) In your search Results, be sure to set your date range to five years.