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Doctor of Osteopathy Faculty Development Guide.


Mission Statement

LMU-DCOM is committed to providing faculty development in a sustainable and stimulating academic environment where faculty thrive as professors, scholars, leaders, and colleagues.

Welcome to the DCOM faculty development guide. This guide has been created to support you in your professional endeavors, and it will be updated as needed.  If you have any questions or suggestions about this guide, please contact Jacquelynn Stephens.


Faculty/Staff Support Sessions


Continue DEI 3rd Monday Moments; monthly every 3rd Monday thru April 15th.

January 1:

Virtual QPR Suicide Prevention Training.

January 8th: 

LMU - DCOM Faculty and Staff Wellness Support Session: Are You Prepared for a Medical Trauma or Emergency

January 29th:

Using Sitero Mentor to Submit IRB Protocol Applications.

February 27th:

Adult Learning Theories: How Theory Applies to Medical Education

April 1st:

Annual Professionalism Virtual Session

April 30th:

OPP Integration for Item Writing

Comment & Suggestions for Faculty Development Workshops

Please fill out this 2 question form about workshops you'd be interested in.

Key Contacts

Melinda Turner, Director of Faculty Development

Chloe RuffAssistant Dean of Assessment and Faculty Development




Medical Librarian: Knoxville