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First Amendment Seminar: Upper-Level Writing Tips

Books in the DSOL Library: Upper Level Writing Requirement

Ask a Librarian!

Ask a Librarian

Writing Tips

  1. Preemption Search: make sure your claim/topic is novel
  2. Add to the discussion: nonobvious and useful -- read what has already been written. Get to know the experts and the publications on your topic.
  3. Cite as your write and keep a research file.
  4. Make sure your citations are still good law. 
    • Use KeyCite (Westlaw) or Shepard's (Lexis)
    • Shepard's BriefCheck allows you to upload a brief or memorandum of law and checks up to 600 citations and quotations. 
  5. For more guidance, read Prof. Richard Delgado's article, How to Write a Law Review Article
  6. Visit Georgetown University Law Writing Center's Guides and Handouts website for additional guidance on legal writing.

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