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Social Work SOCW380 Fall 2011: Home


Social Work 

Ask-An LMU -Librarian

You also have at your disposal the many other LMU librarians who specialize in related subject areas that may be important to you, or whom are available at times to best meet your schedule. There are no wrong questions, but it is qustionable to be part of an academic setting and not ask for "help". For you information literate students you will recall learning about the "Invisible College". The LMU librarians are part of the invisible college of experts here to help you learn.   We are your tuition dollars at work. Please make the best use of our expertise to support your ongoing succsss as a professional.

Welcome to LMU C-VL LibGuides

The purpose of the LMU C-VL Social Work LibGuide (CampusGuide) is to provide a space for organizing information you need from the LMU Librarian to support information literacy in Social Work.  The information contained in the guide constitutes what you need to do an excellent job in preparing a review of literature for your proposal topic and gathering and applying information on your style format.

The Widest Sweep or what the Librarian said DO NOT USE

Subject Guide

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Ashley Smith
Subjects: Psychology, Social Work