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Voting: The Need to Know

Register to Vote!


Plan your vote: know how you will vote, mark your calendar, and do it! 

Research by Nickerson and Rogers (2010) shows people who make an implementation plan to vote will  more likely do it. 

For First Time Voters:

Need to Know This to Vote

Voting can now be done online in over 39 states. Please see below for the local county election offices for your voting needs.

Image of a hand putting a vote in a box.

Further information on local county election offices can be found through the U.S. Vote Foundation here:

Please keep in mind that due to COVID-19, both voters and election polling locations need to take extra care.

As always, when making informed decisions and reading news sources, always be sure to fact-check! Here are 11 nonpartisan fact-checking websites

Oh, and before you go:

Check out the NBC News tool that will help you Plan-Your-Vote.  It will help you determine how you can vote so you can plan it.

Make a plan. Just do it.

Research by Nickerson and Rogers (2010) shows implementation plans increase turn out


Voter Registration Deadlines

TN Secretary of State: Key Dates for the 2024 Election Cycle

Please see here for all state deadlines.

Sign that says, "VOTING DAY" surrounded by voting stickers.

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