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University Archives: Board of Directors/Trustees Papers

Collection Information

Title: Board of Directors/Trustees Papers

Collection #: 2016.002


Extent: 10 Hollinger boxes




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Series Notes:

Location: B.3.1 - B.4.4

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Sensitive Materials Policy

Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which Lincoln Memorial University assumes no responsibility.


Box 1:

Board of Trustees - Founding Fathers, 1901-1902

List of Directors / Trustees

Allen, Henry T.,1928

Annan, David H., 1941-1964 

Avery, Samuel P., 1920-1983

Bailey, HOP, 1945-1957

Bartee, Ted, 1978

Bass, Henry B., 1952-1973 

Bennett, Ira

Best, W.N. 

Boling, Horace 

Brown, Fletcher 

Brown, Thaddeus H.

Bullock, Harry J. 

Burton, Robert J. 

Byram, Stanley H., 1947-1949

Byram, Stanley H., 1950

Byram, Stanley H., 1951

Byram, Stanley H., 1957

Byram, Stanley H., 1960

Byram, Stanley H., 1961

Byram, Stanley H., 1962

Byram, Stanley H., 1963

Byram, Stanley H., 1964-1966

Byram, Stanley H., 1968-1969

Byram, Stanley H., Speech to Kresge Foundation 

Byram, Stanley H., Undated

Campbell, Lee F., 1960 & 1963-1969

Campbell, Lee F., Undated & Clippings

Carter, Roland D.

Coleman, J. Winston, Biographical

Coleman, J. Winston, 1939 

Coleman, J. Winston, 1943-1946

Coleman, J. Winston, 1948-1953

Coleman, J. Winston, 1956-1957

Coleman, J. Winston, Undated


Box 2:

Coolidge, E. Channing, Biographical

Coolidge, E. Channing, 1942-1949

Coolidge, E. Channing, 1950-1952

Coolidge, E. Channing, 1953-1958

Cooper, Raymond K., 1950 

Cooper, Myers Y., 1929-1931

Cooper, Myers Y., 1935

Cooper, Myers Y., 1937-1940

Cooper, Myers Y., 1942-1949

Cooper, Myers Y., 1950-1953

Cooper, Myers Y., 1956-1959

Cooper, Myers Y., Undated & Clippings

Cooper, Wade H., 1926-1931

Cooper, Wade H., 1935 & 1944

Cooper, Wade H., 1946-1953

Cooper, Wade H., 1956

Cooper, Wade H., 1958-1960

Cooper, Wade H., 1962 

Cooper, Wade H., Undated

Dalrymple, A.V., 1933 & 1935 & 1937

Davis, William I. Jr., 1957-1960

Dickinson, Jacob M., 1928

DuPont, F.V., 1931


Box 3:

Ellis, Wade H., 1937 & 1957

Evans, Herbert E., 1963-1967

Farr, Newton, 1941-1943

Farr, Newton, 1944

Farr, Newton, 1945

Farr, Newton, 1946

Farr, Newton, 1947

Farr, Newton, 1948

Farr, Newton, 1949

Farr, Newton, 1950

Farr, Newton, 1951

Farr, Newton, 1952

Farr, Newton, 1953

Farr, Newton, 1956

Farr, Newton, 1957

Farr, Newton, 1958

Farr, Newton, 1959

Farr, Newton, 1960

Farr, Newton, 1961-1963

Farr, Newton, 1965-1967 & 1969

Farr, Newton, Undated & Clippings


Box 4:

Fields, Ernest W., 1930-1931

Fields, Ernest W., 1946

Fields, Ernest W., 1954-1959

Fields, Ernest W., 1964-1966

Fields, Ernest W., 1971 & 1973

Finley, Harold M., 1985

Fowler, Edgar F., 1947-1953

Fowler, Edgar F., 1956-1957

Fowler, Edgar F., 1961 & 1963

Fowler, Edgar F., Undated

Fugate, Thomas B., 1942

Fugate, Thomas B., 1945-1952

Fugate, Thomas B., 1958-1960

Fugate, Thomas B., 1962-1964

Fugate, Thomas B., 1966-1972

Fugate, Thomas B., Undated

Garford, Arthur L. 

Graves, Henry S.

Green, Henry I. 

Hamilton, Holman, 1948

Hamilton, Holman, 1952-1953

Hamilton, Holman, 1956-1963

Harmon, A.B. 

Haverlin, Carl, 1948 & 1953

Haverlin, Carl, 1956-1963

Heffernan, James L.

Heydt, Herman A., 1938-1941

Heydt, Herman A., Undated

Heydt, Herman A., Newspaper Clippings 

Heydt, Herman A., Vita


Box 5:

Hill, David W. 

Hill, T, Russ, 1940-1941

Hill, T, Russ, 1946-1953

Hill, T, Russ, 1956-1958

Hill, T, Russ, 1961-1962

Hill, T, Russ, "Education and Industry Facing Challenge in America" (Extract of address at LMU Commencement, June 6, 1949)

Hill, T, Russ, "The Mutual Responsibility of Culture and Commerce (Address at LMU Commencement, June 6, 1949)

Hill, T, Russ, Pamphlets, Newspaper Clippings, Biographical 

Hill, T, Russ, "Paragraphs",  Middlesboro Daily News, November 10, 1955 (Eisenhower)

Hines, Frank T. 

Howard, Clarence H.

Howe, Beverly W.

Jarratt, Paul R., 1944-1945

Jarratt, Paul R., 1947-1949

Jarratt, Paul R., 1950-1953

Jarratt, Paul R., 1955-1959

Jarratt, Paul R., 1960-1962

Jarratt, Paul R., Newspaper Clippings

Jones, Robcliff 

Kendall, John S., 1948

Kent-Costikyan, Siragen 

Ketron, J.R. 

Lafrentz, Arthur F., 1935

Lafrentz, Arthur F., 1943-1949

Lafrentz, Arthur F., 1950-1953

Lafrentz, Arthur F., 1955-1959

Lafrentz, Arthur F., 1960-1961

Lafrentz, Arthur F., 1962

Lafrentz, Arthur F., 1963

Lafrentz, Arthur F., Undated

Lafrentz, Olga, 1944-1962

Lafrentz, Olga, 1966 (Living Will)

Lafrentz, Olga, Undated 

Lafrentz, Olga, "Arthur Poole" 

Lafrentz, Olga, "Dear Dad!" 

Lafrentz, Olga, "Florida Trees" 


Box 6:

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W., Biographical 

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W., Death & Memorial 

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W., Book Purchases 

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W., 1928-1929

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W., 1930-1931

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W., 1935-1939

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W., 1940-1949

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W., 1950-1955

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W., Undated

Leathers, Don B. 

Lebold, Foreman M.

Lebold, Peggy P. 


Box 7:

Magna, Edith Scott

Mars, Sam A. 

Marvin, Ulysses L., Pre-Civil War Life, Service in 115th Ohio and 5th USCT 

Marvin, Ulysses L. 

Marvin, Ulysses L., Pamplets

Matthies, Katherine 

McCombs, William F. 

Miller, Lloyd D. 

Monnette, Orra E.

Morison, J.H.S.

Murray, Crosby 

Murray, Crosby, Items

Murray, Mildred 

Newman, Ralph G., 1940-1941

Newman, Ralph G., 1943-1949

Newman, Ralph G., 1950 

Newman, Ralph G., 1952-1958

Newman, Ralph G., 1967 & 1971 & 1977

Newman, Ralph G., Undated & Photo 

Orr, Clyde L. 


Box 8:

Patterson, Reese

Patterson, Robert F. Sr.

Patterson, Robert F., Jr.

Poundsford, Harry G. 

Prentis, H.W. Jr. 

Ramsey, Maxwell, D. 

Robertson, E. Oscar 

Schaefer, Carl W., 1940-1941

Schaefer, Carl W., 1943-1953

Schaefer, Carl W., 1955-1958

Schaefer, Carl W., 1963 & 1965 & 1969

Schaefer, Carl W., Undated

Schaefer, Richard C., 1961 

Schaefer, Richard C., 1964-1965

Schaefer, Richard C., 1967-1972

Schenck, William E., 1930-1932

Schenck, William E., 1935-1936

Schenck, William E., 1938-1942

Schenck, William E., 1944-1947

Schenck, William E., 1951-1953

Schenck, William E., 1956-1957

Schriver, Lester D., 1938-1947

Schriver, Lester D., 1949-1953

Schriver, Lester D., 1956-1962

Schriver, Lester D., Undated

Schumm, Lorentz G. 

Schwengel, Fred 

Sedgewick, Paul J., 1960 

Sedgewick, Paul J., 1965-1967

Sedgewick, Paul J., Undated


Box 10:

Seiberling, Frank A., Biographical

Seiberling, Frank A., Stan Hywet Hall

Seiberling, Frank A., 1930-1931

Seiberling, Frank A., 1934-1935

Seiberling, Frank A., 1937-1949

Seiberling, Frank A., 1955 

Seiberling, Frank A., Newspaper Clippings

Seiberling, John Fred, Correspondence 

Seiberling, John Fred, Newspaper Clippings 

Seiberling, J. Penfield, 1939-1948

Seiberling, J. Penfield, 1950 & 1952

Seiberling, J. Penfield, 1955-1957

Seiberling, J. Penfield, Newspaper Clippings 

Seiberling, Willard P. 

Spence, John Fletcher 

Stone, Edward C., 1939-1947

Stone, Edward C., 1952-1953

Stone, Edward C., 1956-1960

Stone, Edward C., 1963 

Stone, Edward C., Undated 

Strutt, George F.


Box 9:

Tagge, Arthur C.

Thomas, Dan M.

Townsend, William H., 1944-1949

Townsend, William H., 1950-1953 & 1957

Townsend, William H., 1963

Townsend, William H., Undated 

Watts, Charles H., 1947-1949

Watts, Charles H., 1950-1953

Whitford, Frederick N. & Helen, 1940-1957

Whitford, Frederick N. & Helen, Undated 

Whiton, Walter, H. 

Williams, T. Harry 

Winkler, Vivian B, 1946-1967

Winkler, Vivian B, Undated (13. 42)


[Identification of Item], Board of Directors/Trustees Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Lincoln Memorial University, TN, USA.

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