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University Archives: Collections


University Archives and Special Collections

Location & Contact

The University Archives & Special Collections of Lincoln Memorial University is located in the Carnegie-Vincent Library, on the 2nd Floor.  To schedule a research visit or to make inquiries, please contact Archivist Rachel Motes:


University Archives

Alumni Association Papers: 2016.048

Athletics Papers

Awards Day Programs: 2016.041

Avery Hall: 2016.009

Board of Directors/Trustees Papers: 2016.002

Board of Directors/Trustees Accountant Reports: 2016.006

Board of Directors/Trustees Annual Meetings Papers: 2016.004

Buildings and Farm Papers: 2016.007

Vestina Buis Papers: 2016.053

Rudy Clark Papers: 2016.054

Paris Collins Papers: 2016.055

Commemorative Societies, 2016.056

Commencements Papers: 2016.011

Cudjo's Cave and LMU Water System: 2016.039

Clay Cunningham Papers: 2016.057

DCOM Materials: 2016.021

Charles F. Eager Papers: 2016.058

Otto Eisenschiml Papers: 2016.060

Faculty Papers: 2016.050

Henry Ford: 2016.062

The Four Seasons Hotel and Sanatorium: 2016.037

Foundations Papers: 2016.023

James A. Fraley Papers: 2016.061

Friends of LMU Papers: 2016.059

Grace Nettleton Home Papers: 2016.044

Grant-Lee Hall: 2016.008

Historical Commissions and Organizations: 2016.022

Library Papers: 2016.045

The Lincoln Dames: 2016.034

LMU Alumni in the Armed Services: 2016.017

LMU Charter and Bylaws Papers: 2016.020

LMU Events: 2016.010

LMU Homecoming: 2016.031

LMU Newsclippings: 2016.046

LMU Sports Newsletters: 2016.047

James H. McCune Papers, 2016.063

President’s Reports to the Board of Trustees: 2016.033

Promotion/Publicity Papers: 2016.038

Responses to SACS Recommendations: 2016.043

Reel to Reel Films: 2016.032

SACS [Southern Association of Colleges and Schools] Papers: 2016.042

Scholarships Papers: 2016.051

Staff Papers: 2016.049

Jesse Stuart Book Collection: 2012.001

Student Papers: 2016.018

Board of Directors/Trustees Treasurer's Reports 2016.005

VHS Cassette Collection: 2016.052

Bert Vincent Papers: 1999.020

Vertical Files

Personal Papers and Special Collections

Edgar O. Achorn Papers, MSS. COLL. #011

Alexander A. Arthur Family Papers, MSS. COLL. #040

Veta Aultom Photo Album, MSS. COLL. #030

Frederick B. Avery Papers, MSS. COLL. #003

Georgia Baker Papers, MSS. COLL. #032

John A. Carpenter Papers, MSS. COLL #016

Louisa Hoe Cawood Papers, MSS. COLL #017

Boyd Carter Papers

Ross Carter Papers, MSS. COLL. #036

Bill Dickson Collection, MSS. COLL. #037

The Elerly Family Papers

Eugene P. Fairchild Papers, MSS. COLL. #012

Ray Flannary Collection

Col. J.P. Frost Papers

Clarence Terry "Bub" Gordon Papers, MSS. COLL #019

W.D. Gray Papers, MSS. COLL. #013

Herman A. Heydt Poetry and Publication Collection, MSS. COLL. #002

John Wesley Hill Papers, MSS. COLL.# 008

Col. Holt Papers

Edgar Holt Papers

Clifford Lowdenback Papers, MSS. COLL #022

Marion Lynch Papers, MSS. COLL# 009

Oliver O. Howard Papers, MSS. COLL. #010

Herman Y. Hughes Papers

Darwin James Papers, MSS COLL. #014

Zenobia Liles Papers

Vaughn McBride Papers, MSS. COLL. #044

J. Perry McGinnis Papers, MSS. COLL. #029

Hugh Gordon Miller Papers, MSS. COLL. #042

Dr. Moore and Sons Collection, MSS. COLL. #028

Arthur A. Myers Papers, MSS. COLL.#004

Oral History Transcripts MSS. COLL. #039

Millard and Mossie Overton Papers, MSS. COLL #015

Pulliam Historic Newspaper Collection, MSS. COLL.#001

Sidney Rice Papers

William Sanders Papers, MSS. COLL. #048

James W. Schenkenfelder Papers, MSS. COLL. #047

Earl Hobson Smith Papers, MSS. COLL. #041

Nathan Hale Snider Papers

Stereographic Dermatology ID Cards, MSS COLL. #033

James Still Papers

Jesse Stuart Collection, MSS. COLL #023

Jesse Stuart Papers, 1932-1985, MSS. COLL. #046

Jesse Stuart Publications, MSS. COLL.#024

Jesse Stuart - Roland Carter Papers, MSS. COLL. #021

Dorothy Teillard Papers, MSS. COLL #020

B. Frank “Tex” Turner Papers, MSS. COLL. #005

Charles E. West Family Papers MSS. COLL. #035

Don West Papers

Casimir Pulaski Williams Papers

Felton L. Williams Papers, MSS. COLL. #025

Wyatt Family Collection, MSS. COLL. #045