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University Archives: Collections


University Archives and Special Collections

Location & Contact

The University Archives & Special Collections of Lincoln Memorial University is located in the Carnegie-Vincent Library, on the 2nd Floor.  To schedule a research visit or to make inquiries, please contact the University Archivist:


University Archives

Alumni Association Papers: 2016.048

Athletics Papers

Awards Day Programs: 2016.041

Avery Hall: 2016.009

Board of Directors/Trustees Papers: 2016.002

Board of Directors/Trustees Accountant Reports: 2016.006

Board of Directors/Trustees Annual Meetings Papers: 2016.004

Buildings and Farm Papers: 2016.007

Vestina Buis Papers: 2016.053

Rudy Clark Papers: 2016.054

Paris Collins Papers: 2016.055

Commemorative Societies, 2016.056

Commencements Papers: 2016.011

Cudjo's Cave and LMU Water System: 2016.039

Clay Cunningham Papers: 2016.057

DCOM Materials: 2016.021

Charles F. Eager Papers: 2016.058

Otto Eisenschiml Papers: 2016.060

Faculty Papers: 2016.050

Henry Ford: 2016.062

The Four Seasons Hotel and Sanatorium: 2016.037

Foundations Papers: 2016.023

James A. Fraley Papers: 2016.061

Friends of LMU Papers: 2016.059

Grace Nettleton Home Papers: 2016.044

Grant-Lee Hall: 2016.008

Historical Commissions and Organizations: 2016.022

Library Papers: 2016.045

The Lincoln Dames: 2016.034

LMU Alumni in the Armed Services: 2016.017

LMU Charter and Bylaws Papers: 2016.020

LMU Events: 2016.010

LMU Homecoming: 2016.031

LMU Newsclippings: 2016.046

LMU Sports Newsletters: 2016.047

James H. McCune Papers, 2016.063

President’s Reports to the Board of Trustees: 2016.033

Promotion/Publicity Papers: 2016.038

Responses to SACS Recommendations: 2016.043

Reel to Reel Films: 2016.032

SACS [Southern Association of Colleges and Schools] Papers: 2016.042

Scholarships Papers: 2016.051

Staff Papers: 2016.049

Jesse Stuart Book Collection: 2012.001

Student Papers: 2016.018

Board of Directors/Trustees Treasurer's Reports 2016.005

VHS Cassette Collection: 2016.052

Bert Vincent Papers: 1999.020

Vertical Files

Personal Papers and Special Collections

Edgar O. Achorn Papers, MSS. COLL. #011

Alexander A. Arthur Family Papers, MSS. COLL. #040

Veta Aultom Photo Album, MSS. COLL. #030

Frederick B. Avery Papers, MSS. COLL. #003

Georgia Baker Papers, MSS. COLL. #032

John A. Carpenter Papers, MSS. COLL #016

Louisa Hoe Cawood Papers, MSS. COLL #017

Boyd Carter Papers

Ross Carter Papers, MSS. COLL. #036

Bill Dickson Collection, MSS. COLL. #037

The Elerly Family Papers

Eugene P. Fairchild Papers, MSS. COLL. #012

Ray Flannary Collection

Col. J.P. Frost Papers

Clarence Terry "Bub" Gordon Papers, MSS. COLL #019

W.D. Gray Papers, MSS. COLL. #013

Herman A. Heydt Poetry and Publication Collection, MSS. COLL. #002

John Wesley Hill Papers, MSS. COLL.# 008

Col. Holt Papers

Edgar Holt Papers

Clifford Lowdenback Papers, MSS. COLL #022

Marion Lynch Papers, MSS. COLL# 009

Oliver O. Howard Papers, MSS. COLL. #010

Herman Y. Hughes Papers

Darwin James Papers, MSS COLL. #014

Zenobia Liles Papers

Vaughn McBride Papers, MSS. COLL. #044

J. Perry McGinnis Papers, MSS. COLL. #029

Hugh Gordon Miller Papers, MSS. COLL. #042

Dr. Moore and Sons Collection, MSS. COLL. #028

Arthur A. Myers Papers, MSS. COLL.#004

Oral History Transcripts MSS. COLL. #039

Millard and Mossie Overton Papers, MSS. COLL #015

Pulliam Historic Newspaper Collection, MSS. COLL.#001

Sidney Rice Papers

William Sanders Papers, MSS. COLL. #048

James W. Schenkenfelder Papers, MSS. COLL. #047

Earl Hobson Smith Papers, MSS. COLL. #041

Nathan Hale Snider Papers

Stereographic Dermatology ID Cards, MSS COLL. #033

James Still Papers

Jesse Stuart Collection, MSS. COLL #023

Jesse Stuart Papers, 1932-1985, MSS. COLL. #046

Jesse Stuart Publications, MSS. COLL.#024

Jesse Stuart - Roland Carter Papers, MSS. COLL. #021

Dorothy Teillard Papers, MSS. COLL #020

B. Frank “Tex” Turner Papers, MSS. COLL. #005

Charles E. West Family Papers MSS. COLL. #035

Don West Papers

Casimir Pulaski Williams Papers

Felton L. Williams Papers, MSS. COLL. #025

Wyatt Family Collection, MSS. COLL. #045

Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum

Visitors to Lincoln Memorial University have the opportunity to visit The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum.  In addition to the University Archives, the Lincoln Museum also maintains a vast collection of Lincoln memorabilia, photographs, letters, and other archival collections dedicated to documenting the life and legacy of our nation's 16th president.

Link to Museum Webpage

Link to Museum Research Collections