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University Archives: Commencement Papers

Collection Information

Title: Commencement Papers

Collection #: 2016.011


Extent: 5 Hollinger boxes (2.0 linear feet)




Biographical Note:

Series Notes:

Location: B.6.2 - B.6.6

Access Notes

The Archives and Special Collections of Lincoln Memorial University are located in the Carnegie-Vincent Library, on the 1st Floor.  Please schedule an appointment to view archival materials.  To schedule an appointment please contact the University Archivist.

Sensitive Materials Policy

Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which Lincoln Memorial University assumes no responsibility.


Box 1

Commencement, 1903

Commencement, 1904

Commencement, 1905

Commencement, 1909

Commencement, 1910

Commencement, 1911

Commencement, 1912

Commencement - Medical School, 1912

Commencement, 1913

Commencement - Medical Dept., 1913

Commencement, 1915

Commencement, 1916

Commencement, 1917

Commencement, 1918

Commencement, 1919

Commencement, 1920

Commencement, 1921

Commencement, 1922

Commencement, 1923

Commencement, 1924

Commencement, 1925

Commencement, 1926

Commencement, 1927

Commencement, 1929

Commencement, 1930

Commencement, 1931

Commencement, 1932

Commencement, 1933

Commencement, 1934

Commencement, 1935

Commencement, 1936

Commencement, 1937

Commencement, 1938

Commencement - Hoover Speech, 1939

Commencement - Invitations, 1939

Commencement - Programs, 1939

Commencement - Publicity, 1939


Box 2

Commencement, 1940

Commencement, 1941

Commencement, 1942

Commencement, 1943

Commencement, 1946

Commencement, 1947

Commencement, 1948

Commencement, 1948

Commencement, 1949

Commencement, 1951

Commencement, 1952

Commencement, 1952

Commencement, 1953


Box 3

Commencement, 1954

Commencement, 1955

Commencement, 1956

Commencement, 1958

Commencement, 1958

Commencement, 1958

Commencement, 1958

Commencement, 1958

Commencement, 1958

Commencement, 1960

Commencement, 1961

Commencement, 1962

Commencement, 1963

Commencement, 1965

Commencement, 1966

Commencement, 1968

Commencement, 1971

Commencement, May 6, 1995

Commencement, December, 1995

Matriculation, 1999

Matriculation, 2000

Matriculation, 2002

Commencement, 2003

Commencement, 2004

Commencement, 2005

Commencement, 2006

Commencement, 2007

Convocation 1997


Box 4

Commencement, 2008

Commencement, 2009

Commencement, 2010

Commencement, 2011

DCOM Commencement, 2011

Commencement, 2012

Commencement, 2013

Commencement, [n.d.]


Box 5 - Commencement Photographs

Commencement, [n.d. folder a]

Commencement - President Miller [n.d. folder b]

Commencement, [n.d. folder c]

Commencement, [n.d. folder d]

Commencement, [n.d. folder e]

Commencement, [n.d. folder f]

Commencement, [n.d. folder g]

Commencement - President Welch, [n.d.]

Commencement in Duke Hall (various), [n.d.]

Commencement, [n.d.]

Commencement, [ca. 1990, n.d.]

Graduation Scenes, various, [n.d]


[Identification of Item], Commencement Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Lincoln Memorial University, TN, USA.

Copyright and Reproductions

Archival collections may be subject to copyright.  The patron is responsible for clearing reproduction rights and for any infringement of United States copyright law.  The University Archives retains the rights of reproduction, publication, and all commercial uses of these materials.

Reproductions without permission in any format are prohibited.  Items from the University Archives may not be copied, scanned, resold, exhibited, or placed on deposit with any other institution or organization without prior approval.

Patrons wishing to commercially use, reproduce, or display items from the University Archives and Special Collections must first submit an Application for Permission to Publish, Broadcast, or Exhibit with appropriate usage fee(s).