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University Archives: LMU Alumni in the Armed Services

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Title: LMU Alumni in the Armed Services

Collection #: 2016.017


Extent: 1 Hollinger box (.4 linear feet)




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Location: C.5.5

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Sensitive Materials Policy

Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which Lincoln Memorial University assumes no responsibility.


A Brief Compilation of Lincoln Memorial University Alumni Who Participated in the War to End All Wars

Old Grads in Uniform

  • Lieutenant Colonel William Rainey
  • Commander Murphy K. Cureton
  • Captain Harmon Monroe
  • Lieutenant Floyd Bowling
  • Lieutenant V.V. Merriman
  • Ensign Elbert W. Ockerman
  • Pfc. Walter L. Brooks
  • Lieutenant James G. Whitaker
  • Lieutenant Robert Doss
  • Lieutenant Y.J. McGaha
  • Lieutenant Paul Day
  • Ensign J.W. Finnell

Around the Campus by Margaret Raulston, Editor Blue and Gray

  • Lena Mae Hale
  • Alma Nicholson
  • Florence Beeler
  • Frances Ewing

Old Grads in Uniform by Jess H. Edds

  • Lieutenant Harold "Big Apple" Banks
  • Lawrence Best
  • Gleason Bowman
  • Lieutenant Charles Butler
  • Spm 1/c. Park A. Carr
  • Herman Carroll
  • Cpl. Ray Flanary
  • Ross Carter
  • Lieutenant Fred Cooke
  • Ensign Edward Eden
  • Lieutenant John Eden
  • Major Paul Hamilton
  • Y.2/c Josie Ruth Hester
  • Lieutenant R.W. Fields
  • Major H.R. Garrett
  • Jack Harrell
  • Major Paris Houston
  • SpA1/c. Ray Howard
  • Willard Johns
  • Jack Johnson
  • George Leddicotte
  • Lieutenant Bob McClelland
  • Edwin McDevitt
  • Lieutenant Foy Mitchell
  • Lieutenant Charles Mars
  • Lieutenant Charles McNair
  • Bruce Mitchell
  • Kenneth Myers
  • Terry Nidiffer
  • Captain Ralph Owen
  • Ensign James Perry
  • WAC Dorothy Siler
  • Ensign Larry Ray
  • Sgt. Walter Rice
  • Lieutenant James Reeves
  • Cpl. John Stopinski
  • Frank Smith
  • Lieutenant Nathan Snider
  • Ensign Rudolph Sower
  • Sgt. Sam Spencer
  • Burns Stanley
  • Lieutenant John Staley
  • Ensign Kenneth Pollard
  • Ensign Douglas Smith
  • Ensign Marion Stopinski
  • Lieutenant Francis Vaughn
  • Robyn Walker
  • Pfc. Richard E. Williams
  • Our Gold Stars:
    • Lieutenant Robert Johnson
    • Captain Wilbur Welch
    • Lieutenant Pat Williams

"Jesse Stewart Sworn in Navy"

"It's Now Major [Paris] Houston"

"Alumni in the Armed Forces"

  • Floyd Bowling
  • George W. Leddicotte
  • James (Jack) McClelland
  • Jack Johnson
  • Richard Eugene Williams
  • Willard Johns
  • Roy Bowen
  • Ross S. Carter
  • Sam H. Spencer
  • Walter Rice
  • J.T. Acuff
  • Billy Bryson
  • Marie Pierce
  • Lawrence Hensley Best
  • Dale Allen
  • Thomas Milburn Brown
  • Carl L. Flanary
  • James M. Rice
  • John Statler
  • Lawrence Freeman
  • Charles Butler

Killed in Action

  • Cpl. Wiley M. Compton
  • Pfc. Ballard S. Flanery
  • T/Sgt. Rector Green


  • S/Sgt. Silas S. Stamper
  • James Gleason Bowman
  • Wayne L. Ashworth
  • Harold Banks


  • Cecil ?

Parade of the Dead

  • Dr. John R. Bumgarner

William Rainey Craig - Hero

Alumni in the Armed Forces

  • Sgt. Welborne Lewis Baldwin
  • Ben Click
  • Sgt. Woodrow Baumgardner
  • Bernard Steele
  • R.W. Fields
  • Wayne Finnell
  • James Engle
  • Jess Nichols
  • Lieutenant Charles W. Mars
  • Ensign Harry A. Saine
  • A/C Earl Buford Flanary

Ensign Walter Douglas Smith

Cpl. Dorothy Sue Siler

Judge Charles R. Petree

Garfield R. Drinnon

C.P. Liter

Lieutenant  Fred Fennell

Pfc. Guy L. Taylor

Park A. Carr

Jesse Stuart

Lieutenant  William M. Foley

Captain Haywood K. Cross

"Lieutenant Paul Day Has Exciting Experience"

Dr. W.I. Jones

  • Ernest Smith
  • Johny Tyler
  • Aaron Pratt
  • Johnny Quinton
  • Harold Roupe
  • Bernard Stallard
  • Cecil Stanifer
  • Loy Beavers
  • Howell King
  • Dale Archer

"Pierce-Ellison" [Cpl. and Mrs. William H. Ellison]

"From the Diary of Lieutenant Fred Cooke"

"Lieutenant J. M. Perry in New Orleans"

"From Lawrence Edwards"

Lieutenant John Stover

Lieutenant James P. Horton

Cpl. Fred Latham

Sgt. Bill Latham

Captain Arley N. Spence

Lieutenant Archie K. Steiner

Dan Thomas

"Dr. Pual Hamilton '25 Achieves Distinction"

"Safety Engineering in Modern Living [O.M. Sanders]"

"News From the Services"

  • Captain Henry L. Willis
  • Walter Rice
  • Lieutenant Rolfe Conrad Mullins
  • Bert Clifford Mullins
  • Vivian Skeen [Easterling]
  • Vernon Wallen
  • Bascum Trent
  • Charles W. Ketron
  • Dan P. Richmond
  • J. C. Wolfe
  • Howard Walter
  • Dan Phalen
  • S/Sgt. Ross Carter
  • Captain Haywood Kenneth Cross
  • Orrin Rice
  • Lieutenant Harold H. Lane
  • Captain John Statler
  • Robert A. Niles
  • Ernest E. Pettyjohn
  • Lieutenant Maynard H. McNeeley



[Identification of Item], LMU Alumni in the Armed Services, Archives and Special Collections, Lincoln Memorial University, TN, USA.

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