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University Archives: Promotion / Publicity Papers

Collection Information

Title: Promotion / Publicity Papers

Collection #: 2016.038


Extent:  6 Hollinger boxes (2.4 linear feet)




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Location: C.1.1.1 - C.1.1.6

Access Notes

The Archives and Special Collections of Lincoln Memorial University are located in the Carnegie-Vincent Library, on the 1st Floor.  Please schedule an appointment to view archival materials.  To schedule an appointment please contact the University Archivist.

Sensitive Materials Policy

Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which Lincoln Memorial University assumes no responsibility.


Box 1:

National Printer Journalist: 1897

Offset Reprint From The Interior, "East Tennessee": 1898

Lincoln University Herald, (Lincoln University, Penn.): 1899

Offset Reprint From New Haven [Conn] Evening Register, B.B. Herbert Comments: 1899

Booklet (signed Ginger F. Larry): ca. 1901

Newspaper Clipping (Carnegie Hall): 1901

Brochure and Handwritten Song on LMU: 1902-1903

Brochure: 1903-1904

Booklet: 1906-1907

Copies, Knoxville Sentinel: 1907

Donor's Certificates: 1907-1918, Undated

Words of Commendation: 1908

Card: 1908

Theodore Roosevelt Endorsement: 1908

William Howard Taft Endorsement: 1908

Booklet: ca. 1909

Card: ca. 1909

Notes, A National Memorial to Lincoln: ca. 1909

Lincoln Centennial Endowment Fund: 1909

Copies, New York Herald: 1909

Booklet: 1909-1910

Pamphlet (Medical College Included): ca. 1910

Copies, Knoxville Sentinel: 1910

Booklet: 1910-1911

Mountain Herald: 1911

Lincoln University Endowment Association: 1911-1912

Booklet: 1912-1913

A Russian Honeymoon Benefit Play for LMU, New York: 1913

Pamphlet, "How About This?": ca. 1915

Pamphlet, "Four Presidents": ca. 1915

Pamphlet, "The Memorial Lincoln Would Choose": ca. 1915

Booklet: ca. 1915

Pamphlet: ca. 1915

Booklet, the Schools of Lincoln Memorial University: ca. 1915

Pamphlet: ca. 1915

Booklet: ca. 1915

Booklet: ca. 1915

Booklet: 1915-1916

Booklet: 1916-1917

Pamphlet, "Items of Information": ca. 1916

Booklet, The Story of Lincoln Memorial University by John Wesley Hill: ca. 1917

Pamphlet, "Log Cabin Boys of Today": ca. 1917

Journal of Education re: Lincoln Symposium: 1917

Knoxville Journal (Lincoln Symposium): 1917

Newspaper Clippings (Photocopies) 20th Anniversary: 1917

Newspaper Clippings (20th Anniversary): 1917

National Magazine, "The Greatest Living Memorial to Lincoln" by Frank W. Ryan: 1917

"The Living Memorial to Lincoln": 1917

Pamphlet: 1918

Booklet: 1918-1919

Pamphlet: 1918-1919

Lincoln Opportunity: 1919

"Lincoln Memorial University, A Friendly College" by Frank Williams: ca. 1919

Booklet: ca. 1919

Booklet: 1919


Box 2:

Booklet: ca. 1920

Jenkin Lloyd Jones, Chair English Literature: 1920s

Card: ca. 1920

Pamphlet: ca. 1920

Student Recruitment: ca. 1920

Pamphlet: ca. 1920s

The Lookout: 1920

The Spirit of Lincoln (Movie Scenario): ca. 1920

Brochure: ca. 1920

The Story of Lincoln Memorial University: ca. 1920

Testimony: ca. 1920

Transcript, Promotional Copy: ca. 1920

Newspaper Advertisement: ca. 1920s

Pamphlet, "The Lincoln Opportunity": January 1920

Pamphlet, "The Lincoln Opportunity": February 1920

Pamphlet, "The Lincoln Opportunity": January 1921

Newspaper Clipping, Lincoln Day: 1922

Ida Tarbell Endorsement: 1922

Nancy Hanks Memorial Association: 1923

Pamphlet: 1924

Booklet: 1924

Pamphlet: 1924

Pamphlet, "The Lincoln Opportunity": 1924

Pamphlet, "The Lincoln Opportunity": May 1924

Lincoln Memorial University In A Nutshell: ca. 1925

Pamphlet, "The Lincoln Opportunity": 1925

Pamphlet, "Lives Made Useful": ca. 1925

Booklet, "The Lincoln Opportunity": 1925

John Hays Hammond: 1926

Booklet: 1927

Large Pamphlet: ca. 1928

Historical Facts of LMU: 1928

Pamphlet, "February 12": 1929

Pamphlet: 1929

Lincoln Loyalty League: 1929


Box 3:

Pamphlet, "Who Should Go to College?": ca. 1930

Gateway to Opportunity: ca. 1930

Pamphlet: ca. 1930

Large Pamphlet: ca. 1930

The Why and Wherefore: ca. 1930

Historical Sketch of Lincoln Memorial University: ca. 1930

Newspapers List: ca. 1930

Lists for Fundraising: ca. 1930

Pamphlet, "Going to College": ca. 1930

Lincoln Education Clubs of America: ca. 1930

Lincoln Associates of Lincoln Memorial University: ca. 1930

Booklet: ca. 1930

"The Library": ca. 1931

"Said Abraham Lincoln": 1931

Pamphlet, "Historical Sketch": 1931

Fragment, Promotional Copy: ca. 1931

Clipping, Knoxville Journal: February 12, 1932

Clipping, Knoxville, Journal: June 19, 1932

Lincoln Celebration: 1932

Claiborne Progress Article: 1932

Broadside, "Lincolnite America": 1932

Lincoln Inn: 1935

Press Releases: 1935

Blue and Grey: December 4, 1936

Newspaper Clipping, Lincoln Day Dinner, New York: 1937

Transcript, Promotional Copy re: Lincoln Collection: ca. 1937

Pamphlet, "Where Youth Finds Opportunity": ca. 1937

Pamphlet, "The Open Door to Patriotic Citizenship": ca. 1937

Pamphlet: ca. 1937

Pamphlet, "Education...The Lincoln Way": ca. 1937

Pamphlet, "Lincoln Ideals": ca. 1937

Pamphlet, "Forty Years": 1937

"For the Common People": 1937-1947

New York Concert: February 11, 1938

Blue and Gray Envelope: 1938

Lincoln Memorial University Concert: 1938

"History and Purpose": ca.1939

Knoxville News-Sentinel, (Hoover Commencement): June 5, 1939

Cosmopolitan, Correspondence: June 8, 1939

D.A.R. Magazine: October 1939

Paramount News Release (Hoover Commencement): 1939


Box 4

"Lincoln Victory Song" and "Lincoln Alma Mater": 1940

"Better to Get Wisdom than Gold": ca. 1940

LMU Seal: ca. 1940

The Window of Opportunity: ca. 1940

Sketches in Retrospection: ca. 1940

Lincoln Memorial University: ca. 1940

A Living Memorial to Abraham Lincoln: ca. 1940

LMU in the Heart of the Cumberlands: ca. 1940

"Authorities on Lincoln" by Stewart McClelland: ca. 1940

Pamphlet, "Their Works Do Follow Them": ca. 1940

Booklet: ca. 1940

Knoxville News-Sentinel (Lincoln Film Premiere): January 28, 1940

Advertisement for Cosmopolitan: ca. 1940

Eleanor DeVault, "Tennessee D.A.R. Approved Schools": ca. 1940

Christian Herald Advertisement: April 5, 1940

"This Is Abraham Lincoln": 1941

Lincoln Pilgrimage: 1940

"Pilgrimage to Lincoln's Shrine": ca. 1940

Collier's: November 1, 1941

Clipping: Chattanooga Times: August 20, 1942

Society of Friends of Lincoln Memorial University - Certificates: 1942-1943

Society of Friends of Lincoln Memorial University - Correspondence: 1942-1943

Society of Friends of Lincoln Memorial University: 1943

Newspaper Clipping Lincoln Day: February 12, 1943

The Lincolnite: Fall 1944

The Lincolnette: Winter 1944

Clipping: Atlanta Journal on Stewart McClelland: August 17, 1945

Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation: 1945

The Lincolnette: Spring 1945

The Lincolnette: Fall 1945

The Lincolnette: Winter 1945

Clipping, "Front Views and Profiles" by June Provines: ca. 1946

The Lincolnette: Spring 1946

Pamphlet: ca. 1947

Pamphlet: ca. 1947

Pamphlet: ca. 1947

Pamphlet, "A College of Opportunity": ca. 1947

The Lincolnette: Spring-Summer, 1947

"Only Monument": 1947

The Lincolnette: 1947-1948

Pamphlet, "Graduate Survey": 1948

Women's City Club Bulletin, Grand Rapids, Michigan: February 1948

Bulletin: September 1948

Envelope, Paolo Statue: 1949

General Statement of History and Purpose: ca. 1949

"History of Lincoln Memorial University": ca. 1949

LMU Songs: ca. 1949

Pamphlets: ca. 1949

Reprint of Article in Jackson, MI Citizen-Patriot: 1924

Straight Duty Or...:ca. 1949

Clipping: 1949

"Suggested Case Book for Lincoln Memorial University: ca. 1949

Executive Associates of Lincoln Memorial University: 1949-1951

"What $261.74 Means": 1949

Road Rally: July 30, 1949


Box 5:

"Training Future Leaders for America": ca. 1950

"College of Opportunity for American Youth: ca. 1950

"Here is Opportunity for You": ca. 1950

"The Open Door": ca. 1950

"Scenario for Film About LMU": ca. 1950

Clippings, n.d.

Pamphlet, "College of Opportunity": ca. 1950

"Training Leaders for a Better World": ca. 1950

Pamphlet, "The Exponent": September 1950

"Deferment Plant Set Up for Students": 1951

Pamphlet, "Meet Charlie and Barbara": 1952

Bulletin: April 1952

Pamphlet, "The Exponent": September 1952

Pamphlet, "The Exponent": September 1953

Your Rights Under the Constitution: 1953-1955, 1966

Bulletin, September 1955

Bulletin, September 1956

LMU Dinner to Honor John Sherman Cooper: 1957

Pamphlet, "Keep Open the Doors to Opportunity": 1957

"A College In the Foothills of Tennessee": 1957

Newspaper Clipping (Photocopy), 60th Anniversary: February 13, 1957

Redbook Magazine: August 29, 1957

Blue and Gray: ca. 1958

Chicago Title and Trust, Topics (Story on LMU): June 1958

Bulletin: January 1959


Box 6:

Booklet: ca. 1960

Cumberland Gap and LMU: ca. 1960

Booklet: ca. 1960

A Sketch of Lincoln Memorial University: 1961

LMU Fact Sheet: 1963-1967

Newspaper Clipping: Middlesboro Daily News: August 19, 1965




[Identification of Item], Promotion / Publicity Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Lincoln Memorial University, TN, USA.

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