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University Archives: Alexander A. Arthur Family Papers

Collection Information

Title: Alexander A. Arthur Family Papers

MSS. COLL.: #040


Extent: 9 Hollinger boxes (3.6 linear feet)




Biographical Note:

Alexander Arthur was instrumental to the founding of Harrogate TN, Middlesboro KY, The Four Seasons Hotel and Sanitarium, and ultimately the founding of Lincoln Memorial University.  Alexander Arthur was President and general manager of the two principal companies, the American Association, Ltd., and the Middlesboro Town and Land Company, 1887-1892. A well-financed British company called the “American Association, Ltd” developed a vacation resort at Middlesboro and Harrogate.  At the opening of the Four Seasons Hotel and Sanitarium honored guests included Mr. and Mrs. John Jacob Astor, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish, and members of the Roosevelt family.  As well as several distinguished British visitors from Washington arrived by train for the champagne celebration. On April 12, 1892 the 700-room Four Seasons Hotel and the 200-bedroom Sanatorium were opened with a formal ball and banquet. The social elite of America were well represented at the event. However, in less than one year the Four Seasons went from being a shining jewel of the social set to a deserted building.  In 1893, Arthur received a cable from London that the bank of the Baring Brothers had closed; frightened bondholders panicked when their stocks tumbled.  The panic of 1893 in the United States also brought worry about the ambitious venture.  Arthur was discharged and the enterprises were liquidated.  Following the bankruptcy of the British investment corporation, the health and vacation resort at Harrogate was destined to be sold for salvage or demolished (only the sanatorium was left standing on the deserted grounds, which later became Grant-Lee Hall) in 1895. The Four Season Hotel building itself was demolished in 1895, with only the foundation and the stonework of the wall remaining.  

Series Notes:

Location: C.1.4.4 - C.1.5.6

Access Notes

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Sensitive Materials Policy

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Box 1:

Alexander A. Arthur Family - Guides

Biographical / Family History

Biographical / Family History

Biographical / Family History

Family History and Excerpts from Letters

Alexander Arthur (1779 -1829)

Alexander A. Arthur, Sr.: Passport,1875

Alexander A. Arthur, Sr.: (Daughter of), 1876

Alexander A. Arthur, Sr: Caldonian Lacrosse Club,1876

Alexander A. Arthur,: 1888

Alexander A. Arthur: Correspondence Transcripts, 1902-1909

Alexander A. Arthur: Correspondence, 1903

Alexander A. Arthur: Correspondence, 1904

Statement of Business Interests: 1904, 1908

Alexander A. Arthur: Correspondence, 1907

Alexander A. Arthur: Correspondence, 1911 (Copy)

Resolutions, Residents of Cumberland Gap Area

Alexander A. Arthur: Marriage Certificate, 1882

Hudson Counties Company of New York, 1909

Alexander A. Arthur: Plaque

Extract from Journal Desdebate: November 25, 1890

Alexander A. Arthur: Master of the 32nd Degree, 1891

"The Southern Immigration, Land and Title Company"

"The Watauga Company"

Certificate of Shares, Hudson Counties Company, 1908

"A Year's Sojourn in Gothenburg", 1879

Information on and copies of "A Year's Sojourn in Gothenburg"

"Six Weeks Admist the Thousand Islands", 1882 (Copy)

Passenger Lists, 1888-1891

New Rochelle Kennel Club Ribbon, 1903


Box 2:

Nellie Maud Goodman Arthur: High School Diploma, 1879

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence with O.O. Howard, 1908 (Copy)

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1911

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1919

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1920

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1926

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1927

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1928

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1929

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1930

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1938

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1939

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1940

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1943

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1940

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1945

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1946

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1947

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1948

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1950

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1950 (Copies)

Nellie Maud Arthur: Correspondence, 1950 (Photocopies)

William Arthur and Velma Arthur: Baby Book

Homestead Documents: George Macaulay and William Arthur, 1886-1888 (Copies)

William Arthur Memoirs, ca. 1932

William Arthur Correspondence, 1940 (Copies)

Percy Macaulay Arthur and Catherine Arthur Marriage Certificate, 1924

Percy Macaulay Arthur Birth Certificate, 1883

Macaulay Arthur and May Sykes Marriage Certificate, 1879

Percy Macaulay Correspondence, 1910-1916

May Arthur Correspondence, 1882 (Copies)

Marion Arthur Correspondence, 1943

Marion Arthur Correspondence, 1956

Marion Arthur Correspondence, 1957

Marion Arthur Correspondence, 1962

Marion Arthur Correspondence, 1963

Marion Arthur Diaries, 1904-1909 (Photocopies)

Macaulay Arthur Correspondence, 1910

Alan Arthur Wedding Announcement, 1896

Jean Taylor Correspondence, 1965-1978

Gwen Tiller Correspondence, 1964-1971

Military Map of France, 1918

Cathie Arthur: Report Card, Harrow School, 1896 (Copy)

Percy Macaulay Arthur: Lock of Hair, 1893

Resolution of The Board of Directors of Century Building Company on the Death of George W. Arthur

Sarah Beatrice Arthur Tucker: Correspondence, 1969

Margaret Arthur Pickett: Correspondence, 1992

Cathie Arthur: "Camp Laughalot", [1908]

James Alan Arthur: Correspondence, 1912 (Copies)

Catherine Welding Arthur: Correspondence, 1842

Catherine Welding Arthur: Correspondence, 1847

Alexander A. Arthur III: 1967-1992

Mary Arthur Stonecipher: Correspondence, 1996-2004


W. M. Arthur

Harry A. Arthur, 1966-1969

Col. A. A. Arthur, ca. 1968

Isabella Tyson Gilpin, ca. 1968

Winifred Nelson Baker, 1966-1971


Box 3:

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Biographical, Publicity

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Father-In-Law's Grave, 1884

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Correspondence, 1898

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Correspondence, 1899

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Correspondence, 1905

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Correspondence, 1909

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Correspondence, 1910

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Correspondence, 1914

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Correspondence, undated

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Correspondence, photocopies

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Writings as "John Pendergast"

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Miniatures

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Correspondence regarding miniatures, 1956

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Photo of Miniature

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Photo of Miniature of Julia Opp

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Photo of Miniature of Amy Townsend

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Photo of Miniature on Ivory of Princess Louisa, Daughter of George V

Kathleen Arthur Behenna: Newspaper Clipping, Queen Mary


Box 4:

Photographs: The Face of Cumberland Gap, 1889

Photographs: Powell Valley, Va. fom Cumberland Gap, 1889

Photographs: Four Seasons Hotel Souvenir Photo Album

Photographs: Guides

Photographs: Family Members

Photographs: Alexander Arthur

Photographs: Alexander A. Arthur

Photographs: Alexander A. Arthur in British Columbia (?)

Photographs: Marion Arthur

Photographs: Harold Macaulay Arthur

Photographs: Hamilton Family Tombstones

Photographs: Iron Furnance, Cumberland Gap

Photographs: Nellie Goodwin Arthur

Photographs: John R. and Ruth H. Sevier Tombstones

Photographs: Alexander A. Arthur, ca. 1887

Photographs: Clara Peters?

Photographs: Lt. Col. Alexander Alan Arthur, 1945

Photographs: Camp Laughalot, 1908

Photographs: Esther Virginia Conklin, 1945

Photographs: Arthur Family ca. 1910-1911

Photographs: Craig Neuk, 1891

Photographs: Lottie Forrest Towill, 1947

Photographs: Unknown

Photographs: Watt's Hotel Cumberland Gap, 1889

Photographs: Dr. Macaulay Arthur

Photographs: Meary Elizabeth (May) Sykes (1st Wife of Dr. Macaulay Arthur)

Photographs: Bob and Judy Santini Family

Photographs: P. M. Arthur

Photographs: George Arthur

Photographs: Margaret Macaulay Arthur and Alexander A. Arthur II, ca. 1921

Photographs: Rhoda Goodwin and Kitty Elizabeth Arthur, 1916-1917

Photographs: Unknown

Photographs: James Mann House (Bothwell, England), 1967

Photographs: Alexander Alan Arthur II, 1980

Photographs: Winfred May Arthur, Percy Macaulay Arthur, Marion Arthur, ca. 1890

Photographs: William and Catherine Arthur, ca. 1877

Photographs: P. M. and Catherine Arthur Family, 1945

Photographs: Nellie Maud Arthur, 1928 and Craig Neuk, 1891

Photographs: Craig Neuk, 1889

Photographs: Arthur family at Craig Neuk

Photographs: Family at Macaulay Arthur Home,

Photographs: Arthur Family at Craig Neuk, ca. 1905

Photographs: Alexander Alan Arthur II, 1980 and Catherine Arthur

Photographs: Train Accident between Knoxville and Cumberland Gap, 1889

Photographs: P.M. Arthur and Catherine Arthur

Photographs: Marion Arthur, 1966 and Rhoda Goodwin, 1887

Photographs: Sarah Beatrice Arthur Tucker, 1949

Photographs: Victor William Santini

Photographs: James Alan Arthur and Family, 1890-1891

Photographs: American Association Building, 2000

Photographs: Postcard, Craig Neuk

Photographs: Photocopies


Box 5:

Clippings: 1889

Clippings, 1890

Clippings, 1891

Clippings, 1892

Clippings, 1893

Clippings, 1894

Clippings, 1895

Clippings, 1987

Clippings, 1900

Clippings, 1904

Clippings, 1908


Access to Boxes 6-9 is currently restricted

Box 6: Ephemeral objects

Box 7: Family crest dinner plates

Box 8: Ephemera

Box 9: Ephemera



[Identification of Item], Alexander A. Arthur, Archives and Special Collections, Lincoln Memorial University, TN, USA.

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